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SPN Fic: Down Time

Workin' on Indoctrination, and Heat and actual work, and well, these in between SPN-take-an-hour-or-less-to-write-fic-a-day things are what really make me the smily-est AND now I'm going to go take a walk...♥ AND I am really behind on comments, I will do something about it soon!

Title: Down Time
Author: Mink
Rating: PG - Gen
Spoilers: None
Disclaimers: SPN & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: The power goes out and all Sam has left for entertainment is a Dean.

Sam didn't really consider himself a man with a lot of vices.

Or even needs really. Growing up eating cold spaghetti-o’s out of the can and wearing a garbage bag if you got caught in the rain made you welcome anything more that was slightly above a rating of poor. California had even taught him that even average wasn't good enough for most people. In fact, average usually got nothing but complaints. But there were certain things that a man needed to get through the day. And there were even more things a guy needed to get through the night. Sam looked around at the darkened television, the useless lamp and the black out of the parking lot. The thunder dully boomed overhead, a flicker of lightening illuminating the thrashing trees just beyond.

He stared at the sputtering candle that was half drowning in its own wax. Saving the batteries in his flashlight, he had opted for the weaker and slightly useless light source. Too dim to read a book by, but just bright enough to get to the bathroom with the toilet that would no longer flush without a working water pump. He glanced down at this watch. The clock said it had been hours but it felt longer. A lot longer. Like ‘suspended in never ending time’ longer.

Sam was never so happy maybe ever to hear his cel phone ring.

“Hello?” He tried not to sound as desperate for distraction as he felt.

Hey. How goes the good fight?

Sam pulled back the curtain a little bit to take another good look at the motel room just opposite him in the parking lot. Like all the windows around him, it was dark.

“Nothing here so far.” He sighed. “What about you?”

Nada. Car’s still parked right where it was four hours ago.


What’s the problem?

“Nothing, it’s just that, I don’t know— Hey, what’s that sound?”

What sound?

“Behind you in your room, what is that? Is that the game?”

Of course it’s the game, why would I be watching anything else?

Sam felt his grip on the phone tighten.

“Are you telling me you still have power?”

What like electricity or like a personal sense of entitlement—

“Electricity! You have electricity?”

Uh, yeah?

Sam groaned and slumped back in his chair.

Why? What?

“The power.” Sam drummed his fingers on the table and watched the candle glow orange on its wick before almost going out. It bravely reformed its meager flame. “It’s been out.”

So…. Yer just sittin’ over there in the dark?

“All night.”

Play tetris or something.

“Computer isn’t charged.”

There was silence on the line. Sam frowned at the few inches of candlestick he had found with a damp pack of matches under the motel room’s utility sink. It was fluttering like a strobe light and starting to give him a headache. He was better off with nothing at all.

“This storm must have knocked out a power line, I thought the entire town was—Hey, what’s that?”

That? Uh, just the radio. Ya know, one of those alarm clock radios.

“Oh.” Sam regathered his thoughts. “Well, I thought the entire town was in a black out, but it’s probably just this freakin’ street.”


“Look, nothing is happening over here, why don’t I just—what the hell is that?”


Sam blinked as his brother nearly shouted over the noise.

“Your room has a blender?”

Yeah! Weird huh? I figured I’d make some margaritas, ya know, pass the time!

Sam looked at the small empty half fridge that was filled with green mold and little else.

“Dean, I think I’m gonna call it a night here and head back—Dean?”


“I said— I SAID I THINK I’M GOING TO—what the hell is that!?”


Sam gritted his teeth.






“What the hell are you doing?”

Sitting next to the air conditioner and shaking a glass of change.

Sam sighed shortly.

Wanna play twenty questions?

Sam settled back in his chair and looked down again at his watch.

“Is it a Japanese katana sword?”

Shit! I guess it’s your turn.

The candle hissed and winked out. A thin stream of blue smoke uncoiled slowly over it as the thunder rumbled across the sky once again. A strong heavy sheet of rain began falling down in torrents across the parking lot and splashing up against his window.

He supposed he had plenty of time.

Tags: gen, sam pov, spn one shot
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