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DA Fic: Favors

This one is for jam_pony_fic's thing and if you'd like to read a really good, very cute and very nicely written fic about John and the wee!chester's sitting around for a typical (?)dinner, check out it out over here... by my buddy jinkamoo!

Title: Favors
Author: Mink
Rating: PG - Gen - Humor
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: DA & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Alec needs some backup sometimes.

"What're ya doin'?"

"What's it look like?

Max slammed another quarter into the battered and tagged Jam Pony pay phone. Giving it a well placed and practiced smack so the coin would fall right through back into the return slot, she punched in the well memorized number yet again.

With a sigh, Max turned to lean in the other direction to avoid sharing her facial airspace with Alec who was standing way too close. He did that a lot and she was pretty sure he had no idea how creepy it was let alone how strange it looked. Max made a mental note to give him a talk about that later.

"But... When... Are you goin' to be long?"

"I don't know." Max murmured under her breath as she listened to the phone ring and ring and ring—

“Because I was wondering if you’d like to um, you know…”

She was planning on having a talk with him anyway. With just a few months out of Manticore he hadn’t quite gotten a handle on just about all of the idiosyncratic manners of life on the outside. Well, even putting it kindly to herself, the guy wasn’t even close. It made her wonder just exactly she looked and sounded like when she had reached the big wide world.

The thought made her cringe just a little bit.

It wasn’t as if Alec wasn’t trying. It was just that, how do you try to do or stop something you are completely unaware of? Max had noticed a few things that came to the forefront as he stopped doing his best to be X5-494 and was becoming more and more of Alec every day. Some things stood out more than others. For instance, Alec still didn’t quite get that he should pause sometimes in conversations in order to give the other person a chance to respond. 494 would have shut right up on command.

Not anymore.

Max cursed when the answering machine picked up again.

Alec had made his way over to the front of her again and was pretending to be interested in the various numbers and offensive statements that had been scribbled on the wall.

He cleared his throat.

“Because if you had some time and you know, weren’t doing anything right now then maybe we could go maybe up north Fremont right now and um—“

“Alec.” Max slammed her hand down hard on the receiver. “What the hell do you want?”

Having finally won her full attention, Alec suddenly shrugged and regarded her in mild surprise. Max had to hand it to him, he could look like he was put out even when he was standing around doing absolutely nothing with that fancy cel phone in his hand.

"Well,” Alec began almost in a bored tone. “I have to go down there on Fremont and since you were going that way--

"I'm not going anywhere near that way."

"--I figured well, why not just tag along with you and well, see what happens!"

Max carefully put the phone back on the hook and crossed her arms.

"See what happens?"

Alec gave her one of his better smiles and shrugged again.

Max tilted her head at him.

"What did you do?"

Smile fading, Alec scratched at the back of his head and looked around to see if anyone was near enough by to overhear his response.

"Look, it's not my fault? It’s a total huge stupid misunderstanding. It's actually a really funny story, ya see, last week I borrowed some cash from this guy and I think he might be waiting around for me with some of his guys and--"

“Wait.” Max held up a hand. "What am I? Some kind of hired thug?"

"Well, not exactly hired, but I could use maybe a… a… hand or two?" Alec was trying to do his humble face and check who was calling his cel at the same time. "Y-You know, just in case."

"Alec?" Max asked. “Did you get some kind of amnesia?”

Alec blinked at her.

“What ass in this city can you not kick back?” She knocked him ungently on his forehead. "Or did you happen to forget who you are?"

"Well, I did have this bitch of a headache the other day and I haven't been able to find my apartment key for almost like a week!” Alec rubbed at the spot on his forehead absently. “I've been coming in through the damn window and oh that reminds me I really need my lock picks back—"

"You got five seconds to tell me the deal or I'm outta here."

"Ok, sure? Ya see, here's the thing? There might be this guy who might just happen to be a Manticore alum..."

"Might be huh?"

"You might even know him, he calls himself Walter..." Alec was trying to smile again. "I know, I know, what's with the name! I mean he gets to pick a name and he comes up with that? It's kinda weird but mostly sad--"

"Figures you’d get messed up with the only other transgenic in town that deals in …in.. puppies or whatever the hell it is you’re doing now.”

“Puppies?” Alec seemed genuinely insulted. “The wholesale exchange of animals, such as the canine, is not only cruel but to tell you the truth not really that lucrative—“

“Fine!” Max grabbed her backpack off the floor. “I’ll go with you.”

She could hear Alec's sigh of relief from behind her.

However, Max wasn't doing any favors out any sense of social good will. Glancing back at the pay phone, she wasn’t about to tell Alec but she wouldn’t mind a good fight right about now. She hadn’t worked out in almost two days and she was about 24 hours away from her genetically enhanced spoke of the cycle that the glorious XX chromosome promised every month. And what was better than a brick wall to put a fist through than some overgrown X-5 that was trying to push his stuff around downtown? And if this Walter guy was a no show there was always the bonus of Alec being around and completely unarmed if need be...

She stopped half way out of double doors, making Alec almost walk right into her.

“I have one condition…”

“What? Name it. You want a few pitchers tonight? They’re yours. Even better, if you happen to like pink python boots I happen to have 14 pairs of them laying around and I'm pretty sure they're real—"

“No, whatever it is that you owe this guy, I want ten percent.”

Alec was slightly outraged.

“Ten?! For ten I’ll go down there and take my chances with Walter the seven foot freak among freaks of nature—“


“You got it.”

Max smiled.

Some extra cash. Some potential ass kicking. Maybe even giving Alec a smack just for the hell of it.

Maybe this day was shaping up after all.

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