Mink (minkmix) wrote,

Dark Angel Fic: Drive By

Title: Drive By
Author: Mink
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Max/Alec
Warnings: No Romance Whatsoever
Spoilers: General
Disclaimers: DA & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Max goes into heat and rides Alec like a Six Flags theme park.

Strangely enough, paperwork wasn’t something Alec had had to face much in his semi-long but mostly varied career.

Resting his elbows on his knees he looked miserably at the near foot tall stack of white forms that required a mark in the right boxes, the precise year and even that signature he’d been working fairly hard on. It turned out you could only go so far in some places with having no last name. He’d picked one out more for just how it felt writing it out elaborately in script than anything else. Directing his pained gaze on the teetering pile he narrowed his eyes and imagined having some kind of ability to transmit and focus heat. He envisioned one glowing pinpoint of paper curling orange before the entire thing, cheap coffee table and all, went up in one cheery bright conflagration.

With a sigh, he picked up the first neatly stapled thick group of tedious fine script and braced himself. If he wanted to cheat on his taxes he’d actually have to become a real life tax payer and really go pay some. It had seemed like such a good idea down at Crash when he’d been talking to that guy. The guy whose name he somehow couldn’t remember ran one of those tax services out of some rundown strip mall. It was all a complete cover of course to cycle massive fraudulent refunds right back to the customers with a nice slice of commission. Alec had been more than on board with something that sounded like easy money.

Sitting back tiredly, he clicked and unclicked the one and only pen he seemed to own. It was kind of strange that he could remember weapon serial numbers from combined arms live fire exercises when he had been about five years old but couldn’t remember a name he’d given a couple hundred dollars in starting fees to last night. Maybe he’d had a little too much of the good stuff than he thought.

Alec made a face as he chewed the end of the dark blue plastic.

Maybe he’d been given one of those crazy date rape drugs but instead of getting ravished in the back of some windowless white van he’d been scammed for about a half week’s worth of lousy tips. Making a small sound of grudging admittance, he clicked the pen again thoughtfully against his lips.


Alec looked up in startled surprise at his front door not opening but already on its way to being closed. He knew he was distracted but he was always pretty good at hearing just about anything coming his way. Even another transgenic that could be as shifty as himself. Hadn't he locked his door when he came in last night? That was what decent crime fearing citizens did when they came home to their dark apartments. Alec was trying hard to appear like a good god fearing resident just like every one else but sometimes the whole deal just completely slipped his mind. He couldn’t honestly remember whether he had or not he’d turned the key when he came home at a very early hour that morning. Swallowing nervously, he wondered what the hell else he might have done that he couldn’t recall—

“I only got a minute.” Max explained while she shrugged off her backpack and tossed in on the floor. “Any water?”

“Over there.” Alec pointed absently at the plastic bottles lined up on the far countertop. He looked back down at the heap of unfilled applications. “H-Hey Max? Do you know what the average monthly income is for a white male in his early twenties who has no previous medical conditions… well okay, a few bullets and some pretty heinous somnipathy but I’ve never smoked and—“

“You got anywhere to be?”


Max uncapped the largest bottle there was and started gulping it down like she hadn’t had any in a few days. Alec crossed his arms uncertainly over his chest and sat back on the sofa. It occurred to him that the only other times Max had ever appeared on his doorstep hadn’t been for any agreeable reasons. She wasn’t looking for a cup of sugar and he didn’t have much in the terms of edible laying around. He had plenty of water though.

Despite the odds, she leaned over to check the small fridge. Watching her growing frustration for a moment, Alec suddenly had a flash of brilliant insight. Grabbing up a handful of the papers on the table he rolled the mental rolodex in his head for just about any and all fellow bikers he knew down at the Pony that even remotely matched his circumstances. Why make up a whole new guy when there were more than enough losers evading government monies to go around? He’d convince one of those baked tools down there to lend him a few numbers and details in exchange for a slice of something they’d never even know they were missing.

“I think this might be it Max.” Alec smiled broadly at her when she came to sit down next to him. “Free cash! I’d say even easier than one of those rusty ATMs down in Chinatown.”

Spreading the bleak task out in an almost decorative array, he felt some of his anxiety ease back a few notches. This wasn’t so bad. He could do this no problem. His thoughts lost within the twist and turns of the plan, he blinked in surprise when the papers were suddenly pushed over. Max’s gloved hand had sent them into a cascade falling over onto the floor like a sliding deck of cards.

“Do you want in?” Alec considered her. “I could make ya a real good deal? That is if you find some nice law abiding chick, preferably with no history of stroke or any mental conditions, we could really clean up—what—what are you doing?”

Alec found himself holding the tax forms high enough so Max could get a better hold of the belt that was not doing much to hold up his jeans. He had woken from his brief sleep with it already unbuckled. Frowning, he thought again about what just exactly had gone down in the early hours between Crash, tax forms and his pillow. The belt hissed through the loops and was flung across the room where it smacked loudly against a bookcase. Alec followed its arc and winced a little when it knocked over a few left over ceramic knick knacks that he hadn’t personally placed there but enjoyed nonetheless.

“What the hell did you do that for—“

“Shut up Alec.”

Alec didn’t have much choice as his mouth was suddenly filled with tongue.

He wasn’t sure why he didn’t detect it before. Maybe it was because whatever new strain of Rohypnol he’d unknowingly downed last night dulled his exceptional senses. Considering his tolerance, he wondered just how many he’d been given when he hadn’t courteously fallen off his bar stool in any reasonable amount of time. Perhaps it was the simple overwhelming presence of more mind-numbing official procedure documents than he’d ever witnessed in his lifetime. Thinking about the possible drugging, he wondered if maybe what he was filling out was even what the guy said it was. For all he knew, he might be applying for some kind of zoo membership—


Max yanked him down onto his back by his front jean pockets. Leaving him somewhat breathless and his mouth wet, she ripped his zipper down and pulled.

“M-Max, what the fuck are— oh shit.

Alec got his hand smacked away when his back arched and he automatically tried to push his fingers into her hair. Whatever street brewed magic pill he’d been given, he’d love to know what the hell out there could make the scent of a transgenic gone chemical hot somehow completely bypass all his own engineered security. But he could smell it now. More importantly, he could feel that pull focused all in the attention she was giving him between his legs. One of the beauties of the transgenic was that they didn’t have to come up for air as often as other people did. They were a whole lot stronger and a lot more flexible. Even as far as a transgenic could go, not many shades of the bizarre were like X5-452. With a small defeated sigh he knew that was why she had sought him out during this extra special time of of her year.

Max was a lot of things but she didn't want to go around killing anybody.

Struggling up onto his elbows, he tried to gather his wits together enough to watch her do it. He wanted to see that mouth working on him like he tasted so good she couldn’t stop, like a sweet warm melting ice cream cone cupped in the delicate vise of her fingers. Finding himself at a loss about what to say about any of it, he failed in his small mission and collapsed backwards. She took him in deeper, his hips lifting in stunned submission when she demanded even more with brute strength alone.

A firm hand put him back down completely by his chest, shoving all the air out of his lungs. When he felt her weight shift, he had time to at least get one boot firmly against the floor as soft hair whispered between his thighs. He wasn’t sure where to put his hands without getting a good firm punch to his face. Thankfully, she solved the problem for him by placing the one hand he wasn’t using to hold onto the couch for dear life up under her tank top. She grabbed the other one and placed it around the smooth curve of her hip.

“This won’t take very long.” Max abruptly said.

For some reason his baffled gaze fell on the spill of papers that covered the floor.


Alec’s head went back with a stifled moan when she took him in, sitting down all the way into his bare lap, her skin damp and sticky, her muscles in her arms flexing as she closed her eyes and tipped her own head back.

He was honestly not quite sure whether Max was actually stronger than him or not. When it came down to their perfected physicality there was a lot more that came into play after simple pounds pure square inch and the pressure placed behind it. Once he’d idly compared the success and failures of the biological machines based on how well the owners of the enhanced DNA knew how to play it. If you beat a cello against a rock it still made noise. Gritting his teeth, he did what he always did to work through something that promised the outside of agony. But listening to himself and wondering about his quiet elderly Polish neighbors, he acknowledged that some inflictions were lot more tolerable than others.

Alec blinked opened his eyes again when the sofa went out from under them, the wooden legs giving way and sending them down on a sharp angle. Max never took her hands away from the armrest over his head, fluidly rocking her body in a cadence of violence that could even make a man like Alec groan. Afraid to disrupt her rhythm and terrified to interrupt the concentration that could break him if it got broken, he did his best to match it, meeting every downward motion with his own brutality. At some point she’d taken away his hands from her body. Despite his efforts he couldn’t keep them from straying from where she’d dictated. Writhing on the edge of true pain, he twisted pinned wrists under her fists against the worn leather.

He whimpered when the pace impossibly picked up, his attempts to contribute anything back disintegrating with the speed. In her own distraction, Max sat up and shoved down one of the heavy down filled pillows that had been sitting around. Unfortunately, it happened to be clutched into frantic place about as much power as she had right over his face. The ride was a completely new and intensely fascinating one in the now pitch black. When he felt his chest hitch to find air, he figured this was an okay way to die. He could think of about a hundred other ways to go that were a whole lot worse.

Colors burst and exploded as he heard her finally start making some kind of noise that wasn’t ragged intakes of oxygen. His hands were released suddenly, and he left them were they were in tight fists over his head. He liked the smooth feel of his own perspiration rolling down his heaving sides. His strained muscles shook as Max’s body slid easily with their combined sweat.

It all started to slow, like some engine cycling down, the air suddenly hanging and too humid like steam valves had all been opened wide to avoid a melt down. Her body trembled with a gasp he wished he could have seen her face for. The pressure over his face finally went slack, and he pulled the pillow away letting the sweet rush of air flow over him as perfectly as she had.

Catching his breath was a relatively easy thing for a guy like him to do. But for some reason, it didn’t seem that effortless at the moment.

Max was already pulling up her jeans. The tank top had never left but it needed a bit of readjustment. Shaking out the long fall of her damp hair, she glanced distastefully over her bare shoulder at a mark that had been left by an unrestrained hand. Without a word, she took back up the bottle of water she’d left on the counter and poured it into her mouth.

If Alec could have moved from where he had been imbedded into his own sofa, he would have looked down at himself to make sure everything was all still there. Struggling to sit up, he numbly found the damage toll was a little higher than he anticipated. With a brief sensation of admiration, he marveled at his own incapacitated state. It took a lot to level a structure like him down to the ground. However, he hadn’t exactly been taken care of as efficiently and neatly as Max’s had. They weren’t exactly done here. At least he wasn’t. Nevertheless, all his minute hopes and urgent dreams were on their way to making sure their backpack was nicely zipped up. With a look down at her watch, she clicked her tongue in exasperation before she finally looked back over at ground zero.

“Well.” Max shrugged in feigned politeness. She looked like they’d just finished watching a boring movie and she couldn’t find a decent excuse not to stay for obligatory coffee. “See ya around.”

The front door swung open and she was just about as good as gone.

But she paused. Alec stared at her back, waiting and slightly worried for what could possibly come next.

“At least until after my shift is over.” She added with what sounded suspiciously a lot like sympathy. “Don’t wait up.”

The door slammed closed.

Alec fell back with a soft whine and crossed his arms over his eyes.

Rolling his head stiffly to the side, he spotted the hours of questionable free cash that had been promised. He closed his eyes again and let his hand slide down between his sore thighs. Alec could always think of a few better ways to spend his time.

At least for the next 30 seconds.

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