Mink (minkmix) wrote,

~No Fic Within~

In reference to this post about taking some of the more craptastic fic down from the hoards I have accumulated since 06'...

Now I will hack a bunch off that number to do some much needed spring cleaning so to speak. I was asked by a friend to make a list of what was getting the axe to give her the chance to save what she may want to keep. I thought I'd do the same for you guys.

Here's what didn't make the final cut:


I'll leave 'em all up until next Sunday 9th. After that those ficlets are history. ♥

Meanwhile, in a seedy diner somewhere outside of Des Moines, a laptop finds a hotspot...
Dean: *attempts to cut and paste Removed onto axe list*

Sam: It's art!

Dean: This isn't ART Sam! *snarlhuffsnarl* This is a crap ton of indulgent gratuitous slumber partying!

Sam: It's free expression created by a devoted and somewhat respectful fanbase!

Dean: Yeah? How about the fic about quicksand?

Sam: That's art too. Kinda.

Dean: Kay, how 'bout that story about a Shapeshifter that looked like YOU while it brutally rode ME like a non-con six flags theme park--

Sam: *puts fingers in ears* LALALALALLAALLALAALALAAA

Dean: *hope springs* Hey, what about the one where we pet kittoons like big kittoon lovin' girls that like kitooons?! D:

Sam: Nope. *puts face down in kittoon bellah* That one ain't going anywhere.

Dean: How about that purdy puppy dress you gots?


Dean: Hey man, I hear ya. It's art. :D

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