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*Beta Search* (No Fic within...)

Help me obi beta kenobi, you're my only hope...

Hey all!

I post so often and at such random times that someone suggestioned I reach out to the talented and scholarly SPN community for what I'm in dire need of! :)

A beta!

However, I thought I would ask here in minkmix-land first before I head over to spn_betas. If there is already a beta or two right here in my own backyard that are accustomed to my style (and errors), my pacing (or lack thereof), my vibe and whatnot....(and also the added bonus of maybe finding a beta that would actually maybe enjoy the writer/beta process with me. XD I can dream? ♥) ... I would like to conduct a search here before moving on to more official channels!

So maybe this sounds slightly kind of interesting to ya does it? If so, then please, read on....


Wanted (1): English speaking beta with grammar, spelling, word skills. Must be available for plot discussion and aid with plot lags, weaknesses and pacing. Must be available (with advance notice of course) several times a week as I post 2 to 4 times a week. Must think this frequency will be fun and not a total pain in the ass. ;)

Wanted (2): Also, seeking an English speaking beta for a future multi-chapter project. The massive upcoming sequel to Methodology:: 'Untitled For Now' will end up being 1-8 chapters. (that'll end around near 90-100 pages total) This would be a by far larger commitment that will take the course of several weeks.

So here's my deal in case you weren't in the know:

Genres I write in: I write Gen almost entirely, therefore not too many pairings. wee!chesters, tee!chesters, & Present Day. (AND DARK ANGEL!!) rated PG to NC-17
Peril, Angst, Humor, Action Adventure, Horror, Genderswap, Character Studies, h/c, winchester abuse, transgenic abuse & NON-CON (on ocassion)

What I do not write: Wincest, RPS, Deathfic, Mpreg, drabbles, songfic, bestiality, Children in Sexual Situations (I do not think of them all in the same terms, they just happen to all be in the same list)

How I write: My one shots tend to be posted 2 to 4 times a week or less. They range from 1000-2000 words. The multi-chaps can go day by day or week by week. They range in length from 35,000-55,000 words (in sections)

How is it to work with Minkmix anyway? It sounds like all that wacky bitch does is write fan fic all day long!:
Ha! Actually, not including the longer stories, I only dedicate about an hour a day to fan fic. Hence my dire need of a beta. XD As for my ethic, I'm pretty laid back and so is my lazy creative non-ego. I've been told by jinkamoo (my awesome beta pal) that she feels it is a luxury to be able to reveal her honest opinion to me about what I write because I never take it personally or behave as if she's slighted my only child. In other words, if you ever wanted to rip a fic apart and get a thank you, you found the right place. But I always approach a beta with my hopes very clear: can you rip this apart?/ can you just point out the weak parts?/ can you just give me the typos?/.

We might not always agree with one another but I am always, always and always open to listen and I frequently do exactly as I am told. I want to learn how to write better. You only learn by listening! (But ya know, you gotta be NICE when you rip me to shreds or then no one gets anywhere. XD)

I also work on set deadlines, so if I know when and where you will be available to beta, I will work and write around your schedule.

DO you the beta....?
-Have a open/flexy schedule for frequent betas?
-Willing to speak your mind and make pertinent suggestions, but also able to keep the line of personal preference away from the editing process?
-Get into needlessly deep exchanges regarding the Winchesters from time to time? :)
-Feel cool about agreeing to disagree if that is what we do?
-Salt & Burn my babbling run-on sentences! :D

Are you still interested??????????????????????

I made a template for anyone interested to cut and paste into the comments!

Your name/Handle: ?
Your e-mail where I can contact you off LJ: ?
Genres you will not beta: ?
Gen or Character studies you won't beta: ?
Beta strengths: (grammar/spelling/plot/canon/Dean-voice, etc…)
Beta Weaknesses: (grammar/spelling/plot/canon/Dean-voice, etc…)
Length of the fics you'd beta: (One-Shots/Multi-chapter)
Anything else you'd like to add?: (time constraints, squicks, other fandoms yer into, links to pieces you've beta'd, general questions about anything at all?)

THANK YOU to all of you that have taken the time to read this plea, and thank you to those that are considering trying me out...Writing compatibility is a tough thing to find but we can always give it a shot right? :D


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