Mink (minkmix) wrote,

*A Poll* (No Fic Within)

The holidays are upon us! *struggles voilently*

Because time is getting short real fast, I won't have tons of opportunity for writing this month. Therefore I wanted to make sure I was focused on writing at least ONE decent present-type-thing before my own hiatus starts in a few weeks.

So I have created a poll! :D

I usually write from the same topics (wee!chesters, spawny spawn, Sam's riveting soliloquies, slice-o-life, ete) and I'm looking to do something a little different in honor of the holidays. To be more specific, something dirty, filthy and completely not heartwarming in any way. :D

Flee now if the notion of such fiction alarms you! D:

If not, please take a moment to help me in my quest...

Poll #1099398 MINKMIX POLL

What would you rather read about over some apple pie?

Gordon/Dean (yup. i will totally go there. on a carhood)
Duct Tape/Dean* (I have a timeshare there.)
Dean/Bela (She has charms that work, Dean doesn't.)
Sam/Ruby (demons, guns, crazy!sammy?)
Forget all this crap, I wanna see Alec get molested in a Red Lobster's bathroom!

*(I'm not actually sure what Duct Tape/Dean means, but I'm sure it will hurt.)

Any other suggestions that are not listed here? Please feel free to make use of the commments...(before anyone asks, Traces is already on the top of the 'to do' list.)

Thank you in advance for your help! ♥

-Eggnoggly Yours,

Edit: 12/04
I'm in such a freakin' great mood that I couldn't decide on what story to do from the list no matter which one of them won. So yesterday, I wrote Ducttape/Dean and quickly figured it was getting long enough to have to be sectioned into parts. (Dean + Duct Tape = Good Times) I also got out 4 pages of Gordon/Dean/carhood, 7 pages of Alec/Red Lobster (not by an ACTUAL lobster but molestation abounds) AND completed a chapter of Traces AND figured out that Traces even has ANOTHER chapter to go. (look for that sometime in the next week) I also wrote some demony Evil!Sam notes for a possible Ruby story, but I won't get any more ahead of myself then I already am...

(But damn! It was a very productive 4 hours.)

Needless to say, all this mindless fun I'm currently experiencing is all thanks to you guys! You inspired the ever lovin' crap out of me and I appreciate it. As soon as I get some duct tape posted tonight, I'll get on those comments I am once again falling behind on...

-Mink Again

(some comments within include NC-17 material.)
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