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*Update* (no fic within BUT a cool piece of fanart you should totally look at)

Fun Holiday Tip: Did you know that by drinking Camomile tea incessantly for over 6 hours you can accidentally roofie yourself and others? APPARENTLY that shit is a mild sedative.

Try it on your friends! :D

Well, I thought all I had time for this month was 5 pages tops of Dean vs. Duct Tape. A few weeks later and I managed to squeeze in 40 pages of fanfic including some Alec on the side! But as I suspected, I was way too ambitious. This weekend the stars aligned to remove my carefully allotted time to finish up 'Tripwire' (and belated comments) before my winter vacation struck like a pleasant snow ball to the face.

However, in an interesting show of cosmic synchronicity a few friends of mine sent me two gifts that I wanted to share!

One is pictures and one is words....

1) The first is from my pal and groovy-ass artist green_ghost. I laughed. I cried. I was slightly turned on. Best greeting card probably ever in the history of all cards that have greeted a dude. ♥ She didn't actually give me permission to post this yet so if it suddenly vanishes you'll know why. XD

(It helps to know that my real name is Winnie and Sam is sometimes refered to as 'James'.)

by green_ghost

2) Just the other day I was saying it would be nice to post something X-mas-y related but I had no time to think of anything of interest. Before I knew it, ANOTHER friend of mine sent me an e-mail with a list of all the fictions I have posted here that have a X-mas and/or winter theme. Not only did he send a complete list (out the mind numbing pile-o-fic), he included SUMMARIES. I've always complained I can't form a decent summary if my life depended on it so the gift was most welcome! ha! (and apparently I write about freakin' snow a lot.)

Thank You Chaz! ♥

Anyhoo, some are old and some are new, but I thought it was fun to glance back at a few of them...

mink's wintery fictions: by charlie

sam is totally wasted and talks about the beauty of the number 9. (1321 words)

Let it Snow
dean is the greatest big brother ever. but omg not really. (1297 words)

winchesters vs. new born kittens. yea. ^^ (1295 words)

On the Rocks
winchesters... live on ice. (718 words)

Outside Chance
a coin toss determines who will freeze their balls off. (1467 words)

outside pov: a young lady walks home alone late at night. always a great idea. (1943 words)

Use Only as Directed
dean gets sick and resorts to germ warfare. (1770 words)

Wrong Side
earth day t-shirts and lesbian folk rock. (1090 words)

Head's Up
sam makes a horrifying discovery in his very own home. (995 words)

Snooze Alarm
no snow but some christmas themed underpants. (1215 words)

Apple a Day
everyone has the flu and john has to deal. (2599 words)

Caveat Emptor
dean and sam walk thru the snow to return an unwanted & lame purchase. (2502 words)

Home Sweet Home
taken from comment left by lemmealone: The Winchesters take the shape of their container. (1850 words)

The Hunt
dean and sam lose john john loses his kids in a walmart. the hunt is on. (1953 words)


Dark Angel: (actual Christmas fictions!)

Merry Gentlemen
sketchy gets normal a special gift for jesus day. (1554 words)

Gallows Humor
cindy and alec watch an old hitchcock movie on tv. 1960s special effects arent doing it for alec. (1850 words)

alec's drug operations go awry but cindy is fooking awesome anyway. (2261 words)



Happy Holidays Everybody!

♥ See ya safe and smiling on the other side of the New Year. ♥

-Winnie aka Mink
Tags: art, head's up
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