Mink (minkmix) wrote,

SPN Fic: Soap Box

Title: Soap Box
Author: Mink
Rating: PG - Gen
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: SPN & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Sam discovers Dean has a political opinion.

Sam usually didn't mind a long walk but it was cold as hell and the wind wouldn't let up even for a second.

It was easier to walk in silence. If you really wanted to call it walking. It was more like trudging. That was a word that adequately described the slow and painful progress of being exposed to a winter storm right on the beach. Wishing the rest of his body was as numb as his face, Sam concentrated on moving faster along the creaking boardwalk.

“Man,” Dean murmured. “I fuckin' hate that guy.”

Sam tore his gaze off the weathered planks under his boots and automatically looked around. Flexing frozen hands in his pockets, he spotted some brave lunatic standing at the end of the pier with a fishing pole. Besides the lone man, there was no one else to be seen.

“Push 'em into the water,” Sam suggested. “No witnesses.”



“Not him ya moron,” Dean picked up his pace when the wind gusted. “Him.

Sam looked straight up at the gigantic billboard he'd completely missed by keeping his attention locked on the ground. An enormous airbrushed image with cheerful colors looked disjointed against the dark gray sky. Before Sam could completely soak it all in his brother was ducking into the first open store in they'd seen in blocks. He quickly followed and heard a bell over the door chime to announce their presence. The relief of boiler heated air carried the strong scent of wood oil and something sweet.

There wasn't a lot to see in the nautically themed gift shop and truth be told Sam had been hoping to find a bar. The set up was for the tourists that wanted some historical ambiance to spice up their commercial experience. But besides homemade fudge and root beer candy, Sam picked up the smell of something else.

“Coffee.” Dean said. “Thank Jesus.”

It took a few tries to score any because the pot was just for the lady who was running the place. All it took were a few well placed but utterly false intentions of making a sale on an old fancy quilt and two cups were coming right up. There was even a table to sit at.

Sam's gaze fell on a small pamphlet propped up between them. Just like the billboard, a friendly man was frozen in a hyper bright smile, immaculate suit and a slogan underneath: Carrying our country into the future!

Dean slapped the red, white & blue campaign ad face down.

Now that Sam was starting to regain sensation in his hands and feet, he decided to address the phenomenon of someone in his family possibly having an opinion on something. Something that wasn't about a map route, methods of extermination or anything else in the span of their workplace. Fascinatingly enough, the opinion even appeared to be a political one. Curiosity made him immediately want to blurt out a barrage of questions, however, this had to be done right. Nothing shut his brother up faster than a direct inquiry.

“The guy has a great track record with foreign policy,” Sam said. “I think he has a good shot.”

Dean cast the pamphlet another look of distaste that was usually reserved for much more insidious manifestations of evil.

“Yeah, you would.”

“And his stance on immigration?” Sam grabbed a few sugar packets before Dean used them all. “It's really progressive.”

He actually didn't think much of the man running for office and found most of his party's rhetoric borderline archaic. However, Sam's innermost beliefs on the candidate weren't relevant at the moment. He covertly studied Dean's expression and could pick up something else grating behind the annoyance. Any second now he was going to hear what could drive a man like his brother to the extremes of filling out a ballot.

But Dean just shifted in his seat and picked a piece of salt water taffy out of a nearby barrel.

Sam considered his next line of attack.


Women and their mysterious uteri didn't seem to be on the list of concerns.

“Gay marriage?”

Dean didn't even give an obligatory shrug. Sam figured they'd both seen way too much weird shit to ever consider being threatened by something as normal as a homosexual.

“Civil rights?”

Dean slurped his coffee.

“Fine.” Sam tossed up his hands. “B-but these are all extremely important k--”

“If the words 'key issues' come outta your mouth I'm gonna punch it.”

“Just saying what's what.”

“Thanks, 'cause I have a lot of trouble reading all the long words in the paper--”

“I guess all that's left is evolution.” Sam wasn't even going to bother with gun law. “And oil.”

He quickly checked his brother's face to see if going broke filling the tank might be the ticket to some outrage.


“Oh yeah,” Sam leaned back in his chair. “I forgot global warming.”

The simmer of Dean's irritation abruptly went to a full boil.

“Global warming?” Sam repeated dubiously.

His brother gnawed on his lip but held onto his silence.

“I dunno dude,” Sam raised his eyebrows and listened to sub-zero winds rattle the windows. “It's almost April and I can't even feel my own ass--”

“Polar bears are drowning, Sam!”

“I know but--”

“Some freaks might have their panties in a wad about some stems being celled but I say let's worry about ending up underwater like a bunch of freakin' Snorks.”

Sam had grown up resenting the Winchester inclination towards simplicity but, like it or not, he'd inherited a good appreciation for common sense too.

“Still Dean, to solve that one everybody is gonna have to start making some major changes.”

“No shit.”

“Government might even start converting all combustible engines to cleaner electric power.”

His brother dismissed that one with a snort of disgust.

“The day I go green is the same day I get hitched.”

Sam decided not to ask when and where Dean had picked up the earth-friendly slang.

“To a dude.” Dean qualified.

Pondering that thought, Sam finished off his coffee and watched the weather turn for the worse. The forecast promised icy rain but it had already turned into sleet and snow. They had nothing but big smiles for the shop lady when she arrived to offer more hot drinks and an excuse not to step back outside for a while. It was way too cold and wet for any more long walks.

An image of a happy polar bear came unbidden to Sam's mind.

It was just miserable enough out there to make a guy feel optimistic.

Tags: gen, sam pov, spn one shot
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