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SPN/DA Fic: With a Bang part 7 of 15

Further evidence that I can be talked into anything. lomer asked and so I did it. ♥ In the spirit of fast & fun (and no time for craiji epics) this fic will be: in small installments, flying without a beta, and basically flash-fic of the most flashy kind. (even more flashy for me)

Title: With a Bang – part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - part 9 - part 10 - part 11 - part 12 - part 13 - part 14 - part 15 & Epilogue *Completed*
For all other stories in the bang!verse go: here
Author: Mink
Rating: SPN/DA Crossover - PG - Gen – AU in the year 2020 clap your hands and believe!
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: SPN & DA & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Two worlds collide and all three explode.

Alec followed Sam across the busy intersection and kept an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

Whatever that could possibly mean nowadays.

After a few blocks of back tracking they broke the cover of the alleyways and hit the main avenues to make better time. Alec wasn't even sure who he was looking to hide from any more. Manticore were as elusive as ghosts and they were just as good at making people disappear. He nervously kept waiting for something or someone to materialize in their path to stop them. But besides a few taxi wrecks steaming in the downpour of rain, everything in town was business as usual.

“Are we even getting close?” Sam glanced down at his watch as the traffic light hung red.

“Yeah, yeah, there's only .3 miles to go.”

Alec pulled up the collar of his coat and rubbed at wrists sore from chafing against cinched metal for a few days. Living life handcuff free sure did improve his mood even if he was soaking wet again.

“Did we pass Madison?” Sam asked. “I thought we had to cross Madison.”

“What's a matter?” Alec smirked. “You tired already?”

Alec had to make some jokes about the older man's stamina because it wasn't at all what he'd expected. Most ordinary people he knew got winded after running ten city blocks but not this one. Traffic had forced them down to a walk but they hadn't slowed much. Alec didn't consider himself a small guy by any means but keeping up with Sam's long stride required him to do some double time. At least when Dean was around he wasn't forced to trot two steps behind like a circus pony all alone.

“Do you have any deteriorating joints?” Alec had to also admire the guy's threshold for bullshit. “I could carry you if you'd like--”

“I thought taking those manacles off would make you faster,” Sam muttered. “I wanna get there before next year if you don't mind.”

After the 'sofa and wall' incident the handcuffs had been removed without any further discussion. While Alec appreciated getting rid of the things, the absence of physical restraints brought on a new level of caution from his keeper. But he was perfectly fine with Sam supervising his every step. After the trick with freaky invisible powers Alec was feeling the need for overt vigilance too. And to be honest he was also feeling more at ease than he had in a long time. It was always a good feeling to know exactly where you stood. Even if it was on the edge of a cliff.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me, I got you something.” Searching his jacket, Alec stilled his hand when he saw Sam tense. “Don't freak out. I-It's just an air filter.”

Sam reached into Alec's coat and pulled out the plastic mask. “I see,” he turned it over in his hands. “What's the occasion?”

“The sector we're goin' to isn't really a safe place to do a lot of breathing in,” Alec explained. “Actually, it's not a safe place do be doing anything. Like walking, or standing or being--”

“Where's yours?”

“I've got some built-in immunities,” Alec patted his chest. “Call 'em Manticore upgrades.”

“I'll keep it for Dean,” Sam tucked the mask in his back pocket. “I've got some built-ins myself.”

Before Alec could ask what that meant, Sam's arm came out and stopped him from turning the corner. Alec swore at the annoying appearance of a police barricade. Judging from the bodies, yellow tape and bored ambulatory staff, it looked like a shooting.

“The whole block is closed,” Alec said. “The gangs must be having a national holiday or somethin'.”

“Forget it,” Sam was already headed up the fire escape. “We'll cut across.”

“No, wait!” he hissed. “It's no good that way either.”

Alec enjoyed unlawful shortcuts just as much as the next guy but the alternative route across the roof tops wasn't going to get them anything but a crappy view. Unsure of what to do next, Alec tried to think fast before Sam's waning patience ran out.

“Look, we can use the sewer,” Alec reasoned. “It'll take some time but--”

“I have a better idea.”

Sam was studying the tall fence that separated them from the next sector. Large red placards warned of a lethal voltage and mandatory life term sentence for border violation. Alec swallowed nervously as Sam gave the chain link an experimental poke before deciding it was safe.

“The current is switched off,” Sam nodded. “We just gotta climb fast.”

Alec didn't wait around to see if any one of the hundreds of cops across the street noticed Sam throw his coat over the barb wire. Scrambling up behind him, he just hoped no hover drones patrolling the border spotted them for target practice. But after just a few scrapes and a soft landing in some garbage bags, Alec was surprised to find they had arrived without notice to their desired destination.

Terminal City.

All the city maps called the sector by its numerical designation, however its real name was the one given to it by its sparse inhabitants. Alec thought 'terminal' was a perfect word for the place. Every gutted gray building and deserted street reminded him of something lingering on the edge of demise.

“What the hell happened here?” Sam grumbled. “I didn't think this town could look any worse than it already did.”

“Pretty isn't it?” Alec side stepped the purified remains of a dead dog. "In an apocalyptic kinda way.”

“Which way do we go?”

Alec took the lead but they didn't get very far. The trains tracks that ran across the sector were still operational and they had shown up just in time for for the flashing gates to come down. A long freight train was rumbling slowly through and there wasn't much they could do besides wait for it to go by. Alec wandered the curb until he found the least filthy patch of pavement to sit on.

The train shook the ground pleasantly under his feet as he thought of things he could say. He detested silences and never had a problem annihilating a perfectly healthy one.

“I haven't been here in a while,” he winced at the cold water soaking through the seat of his jeans. “But I did a lot of business down this way when the business was good. The cops almost never come around here.”

Terminal City had once been crowded with industry looking for a cheap foot hold in the booming pharmaceutical market. But until all the power had gone out no one had really known how much toxic waste was being illegally stored in the basements or pumped out into the ocean. Now the sector was quiet but hardly empty. It had been deemed a hazardous zone to keep people out, but its seclusion was also an attraction. It was a great place to hide something you didn't want found.

“What do we do when we find Dean?” Alec was no stranger to tactics but Sam hadn't offered any so far. “Can we shoot these things? Do they die like... people?”

“You just get me to the coordinates Dean sent,” Sam had to be loud to be heard over the passage of the train. “And then you leave the rest to me.”

Alec rolled his eyes. Fat chance of that happening.

“So what kind of business?” Sam asked.


“You said you did business around here.”

“Oh. Yeah. I sold drugs mostly,” Alec watched the bleak scenery blink between the freight cars. “But when I can get my hands on some guns I can always make some serious bank around here.”

“You distribute drugs and weapons?” Sam was looking at him uneasily. “To anyone?”

“No, of course not,” Alec snorted. “They gotta be able to at least pay for it.”

He decided not to tell Sam that his last business venture hadn't been anything too exciting. In fact, he hadn't moved a gun in over year. The most recent piece of business had been concerning a crate of parakeets. He had thought the things were kind of neat actually. Alec had kept a blue one in his apartment until it flew off.

“You sell anything else?”

Alec debated on the telling him about the iguanas but decided that the small pet trade in general didn't seem very bad ass.

“Sometimes I sell fruit?” Alec tried. “But its really rare and expensive fruit. You know, like oranges.”

He gnawed at his lip as he watched Sam toss a rock at the slow moving train.

“But I can make plenty of money,” Alec insisted. “Like last month? Last month I really cashed in.”

Sam tossed another rock hard right at the rails.

“Ya see there was this guy Skippy Jones and his crew? They all got mowed down by an enraged gang of Hispanics with AK-47s.”

Sam's brow creased in confusion.

“Well, thats what the papers said,” Alec shrugged. “I was standing right there and the 'gang of enraged Hispanics' was just one drunk cop and he was white. He needed a witness and well, I needed some rent so--”

“A few more gigs like that and you wouldn't have to work for that delivery service at all,” Sam watched the turnstile lights blink lazily from red to green. “A guy can make a good living running guns and being a paid witness.”

Alec was about to wholeheartedly agree until he caught the look on Sam's face.

“W-Wait. I-It's not like that,” he hated it when he stuttered because stuttering only happened when he knew he'd messed up. “I don't go lookin' for that stuff. The drugs and all that? I only used to push that stuff when I first got out. I-I had to make some money and I didn't want... I didn't want to fight for it.”

Sam's hard gaze softened into sadness. It made Alec feel like punching something.

“If a wasted cop with a gun tells you that you saw something, well then you shut up and you say you saw it,” Alec angrily dragged a sleeve across his eyes. “Y-You know what I mean?”

He got up off the curb and fought the urge to turn around and take off. He wasn't sure what he'd said wrong but he knew he had fucked it all up. It made Alec feel stupid all of a sudden. Stupid and angry. He didn't need anyone else sitting in the jury box deciding what he did was good enough or not. He could do it. He would leave. Alec could drop his new family like a burning bag of dog shit and blip off the radar never to be seen again.

Sliding a hand into his pocket, he touched the phone with the message stored in it.

Dean was in trouble because of him. His flesh and blood had called for help and was waiting for him somewhere nearby. The freight train finally passed leaving a cloud of black smoke in its wake. Smothering his fizzling anger, Alec took a deep breath and got ready to lead Sam the rest of the way.

But his father didn't move.

“I'm sorry, Alec.”

“Hey, whatever. No problem,” Alec scrubbed his sleeve under his nose. “It's not far now, it's just around the corner--”

“Be quiet for a second,” Sam's shoulders sagged as he rubbed a hand over his chin. “I've had ten years to learn everything about you but you're right. I don't know a single goddamn thing.”

Alec saw what appeared to be apology in Sam's damp eyes.

“This city could have made you into ten different kinds of a bastard,” Sam said. “But you didn't let it.”

Slightly stunned, Alec suddenly stopped feeling stupid and started feeling something else. And it felt suspiciously like giddy pride. Sam thankfully spared him the task of responding by pulling out two semiautomatic handguns from his jacket. He checked the magazines before tossing them both to Alec. So much for keeping the transgenic out of the fight.

“Does this mean I get to kill some bad guys too?”

“It means I want you to be prepared if this demon has humans working for it.”

Alec did his best to stifle his mortifying smile.

“They know we're coming so we walk right in,” Sam handed over extra ammo. “You stay behind me and you stay quiet.”

“What are you gonna use?” Alec tested the weight and checked the sights. “Harsh language?”

Sam answered that one by pulling out another weapon from his supply. Alec went cold at the sight of it and involuntarily took a step backwards. Sam removed the old revolver from a cracked leather holster and carefully spun its chamber. Images of the antique weapon flashed from Alec's dreams, pictures and noises coming in and out of memories that weren't his. He shook it off and concentrated fiercely on the sound of Sam's boots crunching in the wet gravel beside him.

He had to focus.

He had to get ready to fight.

“By the way?” Alec added. “You were right on the money with the cuffs and the jedi mind tricks. If you hadn't knocked my ass out when you first met me I'm pretty sure I would have killed you.”

“Like my dad used to always say,” Sam conceded with a sigh. “Sometimes it doesn't hurt to be right.”

The warehouse on the corner wasn't lit but Alec could smell fresh engine oil. With a quick look around he spotted fresh tire tracks leading right up to its loading ramps. There were all sorts of signs of life. Alec allowed his mind to settle down into the hyper-aware state of combat readiness. A calm took over even as adrenaline began to saturate his system in anticipation for a fight.

“Remember what I said,” Sam whispered. “And avoid any pentagrams or circles.”

“Sure thing,” Alec clicked off the safety on his right and then his left. “Wait, hold up a sec. Did you just say pentagrams and circles?

“On the floors,” Sam explained. “Check the ceilings too.”

“What the hell are you talking about--”

But Sam had already wedged open the double doors and was going inside. Following close behind, Alec took a deep inhale of the interior's musty air. It was dark but he could discern the storage place was wide open. It was nothing but three stories straight up of cracked windows flecked with black mold. Rain was dripping down through the roof, making the rotted concrete floor one wavering shallow puddle. Alec wasn't expecting to be greeted with flood lights and diabolical laughter but what he got instead wasn't even on the list of possibilities.

The hot chick lounging in a folding chair gave them both a welcoming smile.

“Howdy, boys,” she waved with her fingers. “Sorry to drag you out in this nasty weather.”

“W-Who the hell is she?”

Alec realized he'd broken one of the two rules Sam had given him but he couldn't help himself.

“It's not a she,” Sam muttered in disgust. “It's a Meg.”

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