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SPN/DA Fic: With a Bang part 8 of 15

Further evidence that I can be talked into anything. lomer asked and so I did it. ♥ In the spirit of fast & fun (and no time for craiji epics) this fic will be: in small installments, flying without a beta, and basically flash-fic of the most flashy kind. (even more flashy for me)

Title: With a Bang – part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - part 9 - part 10 - part 11 - part 12 - part 13 - part 14 - part 15 & Epilogue *Completed*
For all other stories in the bang!verse go: here
Author: Mink
Rating: SPN/DA Crossover - PG - Gen – AU in the year 2020 clap your hands and believe!
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: SPN & DA & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Two worlds collide and all three explode.

Alec's initial impression of the all mighty killer demon was that she looked kind of bored.

“'Bout time you got here,” The demon named Meg got up out of the folding chair and stretched like a cat. “I didn't even have a pack of playing cards handy.”

He also thought the pale woman was too short and thin for her clothes. Nothing on this woman belonged to her. Not her baggy red leather jacket, or the gold ring that hung heavy on her middle finger. She flicked at pale hair that had been recently and indelicately hacked short to stay out of her eyes. Alec knew a thief when he saw one and this chick was the real deal.

“You're looking good, Meg,” Sam had his revolver pointed level with her heart. “A lot better than the last time.”

Alec watched her drag hands over breasts and shoulders in an aggressive self caress. The greedy fascination she held for her own skin would have made him uncomfortable if it hadn't been slightly arousing.

“Thanks,” she lingered over the span of her hips and thighs. “It gets harder every year. Not much to choose from when the pickings get slim.”

Alec snapped his fingers a few times to get her attention. “We got Dean's message. Where is he?”

She ignored Alec and kept her gaze locked on Sam.

“At first I wasn't very happy about that call your brother made. I was having a lot of fun when it was just me and him catching up on old times. But then I thought where's the harm of bringing the whole party here?”

“Dean!” Sam's booming voice filled the warehouse. “Dean! Where are you!”

Meg tipped her head and raised a mocking hand to her ear to listen for a response. Besides the drip of the rain, Alec could only hear three people in the immediate vicinity and they were all accounted for. Alec kept scanning the room for any other armed human surprises but there didn't seem to be any. His gaze flickered past Meg and into the gloom where the gray light from the windows didn't reach. The scent was difficult to detect amongst the mingled odors of the building, but the metallic smell of fresh blood was hard to miss.

Sam cocked his gun.

“You've got 5 seconds to get Dean out here or--”

“Baby, you keep waving that gun in my face and you won't even get to see a corpse.”

Alec didn't know what this bitch was babbling about but there was no dead body in here. He knew it for a fact and it wasn't because of any freaky powers either. Well, not any like Sam's anyway. Alec could smell blood around but more importantly he could smell Dean. Adrenaline and sweat was as potent to Alec's heightened senses as the fade of split gasoline and the linger of cigarette smoke.

He was distracted by the demon's voice as it wafted through the dark like the musk of her perfume.

“I wish I could say it's nice to see you again, X5-494.”

Alec froze in place, his guns quickly retrained on the pretty target. He understood that normal weapons weren't much use, but he made sure to aim right between her beautiful brown eyes anyway.

“Sorry lady,” Alec said. “I don't think we've ever met.”

“Sure we have,” she scolded him. “Back at Manticore. You might not recognize me because I've gone through a few... changes since then.”

“Why are you here Meg?” Sam demanded. “Haven't seen you around in a long time.”

“A better question is why are you here?” she returned. “When I heard the Winchesters were in town I thought it was just for a cozy family reunion with the baby cyborg over here. But it's because of a whole lot more isn't it?”

“I'm not a fuckin' cybo--”

“Please, Alec,” Sam's voice held a tremor of real fear. “Please be quiet.”

Alec tried biting his tongue to see if the idiom actually worked.

“So then I got to thinking,” she frowned. “Maybe you boys know something about X5-494 that I don't.” A thin blade flicked out from the inside of her sleeve, its edge dark with blood. “Dean wasn't very willing to cough up any family secrets, but I know I'll have better luck with your son.”

Alec took a step backwards out of the scant light and into the shadows. He scanned all the possible exits and searched for any doors that may lead to other sections of the building. But he kept listening to the demon talking. Alec knew all about that game and he recognized a pro when he saw one. Like every good magician, if you kept on talking so no one noticed what you were really up to.

“We came all this way, Meg,” Sam held out his hands. “Just tell me what you want.”

“Not much,” she shrugged. “Almost nothing really.”

“If you are thinking about the colt just forget about it--”

“God, you and that stupid gun,” she snarled in disgust. “No one cares about that thing anymore, Sam! I'm much more interested in that.”

Alec took a moment to realize that the 'that' she was referring to was him. Sam shifted uneasily, his worry plain on his face.

“I know how you like things spelled out for you so I'll talk real slow,” she said with a theatrical sigh. “But first you have to understand where I'm coming from. All we want are some well behaved kids to open our gates and not disintegrate into lunacy just by getting near one.”

“Easier said than done I guess?” Sam muttered.

Meg paused thoughtfully. “All of us at Manticore thought 494 was a dud like all the others. And its not like we didn't give him a try. We even constructed a twin from his genome and let me tell you, what a mess that was....”

Alec felt a sick twist in his gut and avoided Sam's questioning look.

“When 452 forced us to liquidate our stock we didn't even care if 494 was dead or alive,” the demon let out a small laugh. “The boss didn't even bother keeping a DNA sample on file.”

“So why bother now?” Sam quickly said. “Won't your boss get pissed that you're wasting precious time and resources?”

The demon's disgruntled gaze settled on Alec again but the warm honey brown eyes suddenly seemed strange. Too large. Too round and liquid. Alec abruptly realized that he really wasn't looking at a woman at all. The slow blink of her eyes were reptilian and cold. Splayed white fingers twitched against her pallid cheeks. Whatever it was that was staring out from inside that body and utilizing its expressions wasn't a human being.

It wasn't even alive.

Alec realized he had backed himself up into a wall.

“But here we all are,” she said quietly. “And now I can find out if 494 is worth bringing back home.”

The room exploded in a stutter of light as Sam opened fire.

Alec hit the floor and ducked for what little cover there was to be had behind some old packing crates. Knowing Sam had had a clear shot at her, he chanced a look up to see how badly wounded the demon was after three direct hits. But instead of gasping and bleeding, the lady was still standing right where Alec had seen her last. And she was looking at Sam with that same smile blazing brighter than ever.

Meg held up her hand to show Sam the three spent bullets sitting in her palm.

So much for magic guns.

Deciding he was going to take his chances with the semiautomatics, Alec got ready to unload a full magazine into her chest cavity and then another into her skull. Jamming himself up between some exposed pipes for coverage, Alec got ready to start the carnage. But as soon as he had the demon lined up in his sights, something strange started to happen.

It got very cold very fast. So quickly that Alec's bare hands stuck to his suddenly frozen weapons.

“What the--” Alec ripped the frost laced metal from his flesh. “--fuck.

“Hang in there,” Sam said. “It'll get worse.”

The temperature plummeted further, and then soared again to turn the iced puddles back into slush. Alec groaned when the air pressure in the room dropped rapidly enough to make his ears pop. It was as if a storm was rolling in too fast, sucking the air from Alec's lungs and making the windows shudder in the panes.

Meg's eyes churned into pools of black.

“You wanna try me, Sammy?”

Sam's eyes were closed but his arms were spread wide. His hands were held out and downwards, the water in the puddles at his feet skimming flat like a harsh wind was blowing. And although Alec couldn't feel any breeze, Sam's clothing and hair were being tousled violently as if somehow a tempest was raging right under the creaking warehouse roof.

He slowly opened his eyes again and focused on Meg.

“Ready when you are,” Sam answered.

The sphere of static between them boiled and began to rapidly expand outwards in every direction. Alec scrambled to stay out of the way as Sam and the demon both struggled to hold their ground. Sam groaned as he was steadily pushed backwards on his feet.

“I-I used to toss you around like a chew toy,” she couldn't hide her unease as she started sliding backwards too. “Y-you're getting strong in your old age, Sam.”

Alec knew she didn't mean the man's physicality. It was the shimmer of another power that was distorting light and noise as they strained against each other's limits. The vibration of their clashing energies started to rattle Alec's teeth in his head as every molecule in the air compressed together in deadlock.

“You can't keep this up forever,” the demon's energy briefly flared with her agitation. “You're gonna wear yourself out.”

“Y-You're gonna give me my brother,” Sam told her through clenched teeth. “And then I'm going to end you for good this time--”

“Dean's gone,” she spat. “Dean is rotting meat.”

Alec watched her face and saw the subtle narrow shift in her gaze. She was a pretty good liar but not the best he'd ever seen. But he realized that it didn't matter because what she was saying was messing with Sam's head. Alec was guessing there wasn't a long list of things that could frighten a man like his father.

“He took a long time to die,” her smile was too white and big. “All the crying kind of made me feel bad.”

The fragile bubble of energy protecting Sam wavered.

Alec didn't know what else to do so he just started talking.

“Sam, no, it's not like she's sayin' it is. Dean's not--”

Meg appeared in front of Alec and held up her finger against his lips.


Alec felt a brutal force shove him backwards. His head smacked into the wall and his breath was knocked completely from his lungs. Trying to shake the stars out of his eyes, he watched her come closer. Sam had done her some damage and that fact made her a little more grumpy than she already had been. Meg straightened her rumpled jacket and attempted to smooth unruly hair away from her flushed face.

“I'm gonna crush your daddy like a beer can,” the strain of keeping Sam in check made her brow glitter with sweat. “Unless you do what you're told.”

Sam fell down onto one knee with a cry of enraged frustration. It was clear to Alec that his father wasn't going to be in this fight for very much longer. Alec wasn't very optimistic in the hope that his dad's sheer will alone could outlast whatever battery the demon was running high on. And unfortunately, whatever power source Meg was tapping seemed to keep on flowing without a hitch. Flexing her fists she started walking into the dark recesses of the warehouse, her boots sloshing through the thin sheet of water that covered the floor.

“Alec!” Sam had crumpled breathlessly to the ground. “Alec... don't--”

Gasping for air, Alec stumbled a few steps before deciding to follow the demon into the murk. The dark was broken when Meg clicked on a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. There wasn't much to see besides a large circle drawn on the concrete. The perfect circumference had a star drawn on its inside and other symbols Alec didn't recognize. Sam was still calling out to him. Calling and calling. He didn't want Alec to go near it. He wanted Alec to run.

But Sam's voice was getting weaker by the second.

Alec refocused on the bottomless black of the demon's eyes.

“All you have to do is step inside,” she told him. “That's not so hard is it?”

Alec remembered his father's warning about the circles, but something told him that these markings held no danger for him. Bits and pieces of information flickered in his head, all the information Missouri had provided him slowly coming together to make sense. The markings were to hinder and damage the supernatural. Hunters like his family used them as weapons all the time.

“I-I can do it,” Alec said with as much confidence as he could fake. “It won't hurt me.”

“It will hurt plenty,” she cracked her knuckles. “I promise.”

“B-But I'm not a demon.”

Alec didn't like how Meg actually appeared at a loss for words for a second.

“Aw, come on now,” she clicked her tongue. “Didn't daddy tell you what you've got running through your veins? He didn't tell you what makes you so extra special?”

“Lady, no one around here ever tells me anything.”

“Don't worry,” her corpse cold hand patted his. “You're just a third rate mongrel with no blood pure enough for a real devil's trap. But I made this one special. This one is made just for kids like you.”

Alec blinked down at the circle drawn carefully on the floor.

“Do it,” her good mood was fading fast. “Do it now.”

Somewhere behind him Sam's plea began to shift into a choking wheeze. Her mood and her mercy were going, going, gone...

Alec stepped into the waiting circle.

He was almost disappointed when nothing happened. Dizzy with relief, he swung around to tell his father that everything was going to be okay. Once Sam saw that this stupid demon and her dumb trap didn't work then they could figure out another way to get out of here. Alec was going to push past Meg and do just that, but a sharp pain made him go still. Clutching his chest, Alec stared down at the soft glow of light that was starting to flow through the lines under his feet.

Meg wet her lips and practically moaned.

“What's-what's happening?” Alec rasped. “What are you doing?”

“Turning you inside out,” her eyes fluttered closed and her body went slack. “You're mine now.”

“I can't...” Alec faltered when his heart stuttered in his chest. “I can't- I can't move.”

He desperately searched for his father and saw the man had collapsed with the revolver laying next to his out stretched hand. Alec staggered as the circle began to slowly spin on the ground, its growing radiance igniting the entire warehouse with its red glare.

“Sam...” Alec felt a wave of nausea and his vision falter as the sickly light enveloped him. “I did something- I did something wrong-- ”

The demon's soft syllables of Latin were slithering and seeping through the air. Her breath turned into an inky curl of smoke, creeping from her lips in a tendril before slowly extending towards Alec. Thrashing blindly, his hands were unable to push the vile cold away from his face as her words slid down his throat and began to slowly choke him.

But it was much more than words rushing in. It was her hatred. It was her desire. Every thought she possessed began to flood into his mind like an ocean trying to force itself into a tea cup.

Alec's body jerked at the sound of a gun discharging at extremely short range.

The red glow from the floor and the whispers pouring into his skull all ceased in one sickening lurch. Falling dazed to his knees, Alec blinked up in confusion at Meg's shocked expression. With her eyes frozen wide, she swayed twice before falling down onto her knees beside him. A line of blood ran from a small hole at the center of her forehead, her skeleton illuminating inside her skin like lightening before her eyes dulled and rolled back.

It was Dean that stood panting above them with the colt smoking in his hand.

Torn leather cords trailed from his bleeding wrists, and one eye was swollen shut. Other than a few other bumps and bruises, his uncle looked pretty good for a supposedly dead guy.

“Holy shit,” Alec's smiled so hard that it hurt his face. “I knew you were here. She kept sayin' you were dead but I knew it all along--”

"“I know, I know..." Dean looked like smiling hurt his face too. "We'll high five later,” he yanked Alec roughly to his feet. “Right now w-we gotta hustle before her friends... her friends .... are gonna...”

The grip supporting Alec weakened, and all of a sudden the man trying to hold Alec up was the one that required help. Alec caught Dean before he slid through the transgenic's sturdy arms and down into the growing pool of Meg's brain fluid. The sight of it spreading over the singed and smoking edges of the circle was a grim reminder that precious seconds were indeed ticking by. His uncle shifted unsteadily against him, making Alec aware of the blood soaking through Dean's flannel shirt.

“Hafta get out of 'ere,” Dean made one last attempt to steady himself on Alec's shoulder but then it was over. “Hafta go now...”

Glancing upwards into the rafters, Alec expected to see a legion of demons swarming down the walls to shred them to pieces. But the warehouse was empty for now. There probably wasn't much time before the demon calvary would arrive, but hopefully here would be a few minutes for an exit.

Alec let his dulled panic burn white hot when he looked at the comatose figure of his father and then at his uncle sagging limp in his arms.

Good thing Manticore had made him good for heavy lifting.

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