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SPN/DA Fic: With a Bang part 9 of 15

Further evidence that I can be talked into anything. lomer asked and so I did it. ♥ In the spirit of fast & fun (and no time for craiji epics) this fic will be: in small installments, flying without a beta, and basically flash-fic of the most flashy kind. (even more flashy for me)

Title: With a Bang – part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - part 9 - part 10 - part 11 - part 12 - part 13 - part 14 - part 15 & Epilogue *Completed*
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Author: Mink
Rating: SPN/DA Crossover - PG - Gen – AU in the year 2020 clap your hands and believe!
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: SPN & DA & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Two worlds collide and all three explode.

There weren't too many sane individuals who chose to live within sight of Terminal City's barbed wire fences.

Alec sprinted up the stairs three at a time to reach the steel reinforced door of the boarded up house. In a big town filled with give-away real estate this shifty part of of the grid was as bad as it got. It was a miserable place to start growing a rose garden but it was ideal for other things. And for some transgenics looking to stay lost these lethal streets were a haven.

“Hey, Josh!” Alec knocked and kicked the door at the same time. “Josh, it's me!”

Despite the bullet holes and gang tags decorating the sagging porch, an old rocking chair had been pulled out there for warmer nights with a radio wired up with an antenna leading to the roof. Alec took the lack of lights in the windows as a good sign.

“I know yer in there!” he yelled. “Drop the paint brushes for one second and open up!”

The artistic recluse that had claimed this dump as a home didn't receive many visitors, but the nice thing about hermits was that they were always home. Alec was ready to start punching the rotting planks into splinters when he finally heard the squeak of rusty hinges.

The door opened a few inches on a chain lock to allow one blue eye to peer from the shadows.

“You loud, Alec,” A low whining growl came from the large man inside. “You wake up whole street--”

Joshua timidly ducked back when a car passed, the sweep of its headlights catching the man's broad face as it sped by. Alec stifled his impatience as Joshua took his time before deciding it was safe to reappear again.

“What's the deal?” Alec shoved at the door. “Lemme in all ready.”

X5-494 had been lucky in a lot of ways when it came down to what had and what hadn't happened in Manticore's experimental laboratories. Of all the animal DNA that had been introduced into Alec's body none of it had ever shown up on his face. Joshua had been put together with plenty of canine and it was hard to miss.

All six feet and seven inches of him.

“Smell funny,” Joshua sniffed at Alec's head suspiciously. “Like blood. Like fire--”

“I called Cindy,” Alec said anxiously. “Did she get my messages? Is she--”

“I'm here, I'm here...”

Alec felt his heart thud in relief when he heard the familiar voice somewhere in the dark. The heavy door shut long enough for all the locks to be removed and then the entire thing was flung wide open. Cindy did not look pleased. In fact, she looked like she'd been pulled off her bike route and forced to pedal across a few crappy sectors and possibly some gangland crossfire. Joshua retreated to the hallway and gave Alec a small wave of belated greeting.

“I got your precious calls. All 56 of them,” Cindy growled. “What was so important that you need my ass all the way out here?”

“Remember when I told Normal you had the Ebola virus but you were really in Aruba?”

“Yeah, but what--”

“I need a return favor.”

Cindy settled her hands on her hips.

“I suppose I'm listenin'.”

Alec glanced over his shoulder at the dingy yellow car he'd parked under the scant cover of trees beside the house. He'd stolen it under an hour ago so its emergency transmitter wouldn't be hitting the police bands for another few minutes.

“I need you to ditch a registered taxi for starters,” he explained. “Then I'll be needing your sector pass. It's still good for duel entry up through Canada right? Mine is only good for two so I'll need one more or someone is gonna have to get stuffed in the trunk under some blankets.”

Cindy stared at him for a second before full outrage could register on her face. “Ditch a car? And what's wrong with your very own sector pass?” she looked him up and down. “And what exactly happened to you? You look like hell warmed over.”

“Thanks,” he pushed past her and headed for the bathroom. “Your metaphor is ironically appropriate.”

Cindy watched him collect Joshua' s meager towel collection from off the shelves.

“Alec, y-you're gonna have to slow down and tell me what's goin' on.”

“Someone out there,” Joshua was at one of the front windows peaking through a crack between the nailed up plywood. “Two ones in the taxi car.”

“Yeah,” Alec ripped a few towels in pieces and tossed them on the sofa. “I'm gonna need your help bringing 'em inside, Josh. One of those two is gonna be tough getting up the stairs.”

“Alec...” Cindy warned.

“And do you have any first aid kits around here, buddy? Maybe some antiseptic or some isopropyl--”

“Alec!” Cindy snaked a hand inside his jacket. “Hold up!”


Alec was forced to come to a complete stop or bodily shove her out of the way. From the look on her face he deduced the latter would be a grave mistake. He had to admit however, the sharp pinch she gave to his nipple area really helped in momentarily clearing his head.

Cindy was glaring at him but pointing out the window.

“Who the hell are the people in the jacked taxi?”

“Uh,” Alec rubbed at the back of his head. “It's kind of a long story.”

“Do I look like I got any place to go?”

He stared at her mud splattered biking gear and the disarray of her hair. For one second it seemed possible that everything could be like it had been before the Winchesters had shown up at his door. Everyday was bitching about work, lunch at the noodle stand and happy dumb hopes to meet at Crash later. All his worries were big and large at night when he lay down to sleep but his days were as normal as normal could be.

Not anymore.

“I-It started with some red crap coming out of my drains and then they showed up looking for my dead cat and ... oh man... It's Manticore but-but, Manticore isn't what I thought it all was. ”

Cindy was just confused and irritated before, but now he'd said all the right words to scare the shit out of her. Alec backed away from her startled shock. He understood the human reaction was to touch and console but he didn't want kindness right now. Everywhere he'd gone the last few days he'd left a trail of dead bodies in his wake and he didn't plan on staying around here long enough to see it happen again.

“I think I messed up really bad, but I'm not sure if just being alive is messing everything up already. I don't know how to make it better because I don't understand what's going on but these guys, the ones out in the car--”

“Easy now, honey. Just slow it all down.”

Alec forced himself to take a deep breath. Joshua moved in close behind him, pressing against his back in a strangely feline gesture. Alec leaned into the musky scent of shaggy fur and the sharp scent of paint thinner.

“Whatever it is you think you did? It can be worked out.” Cindy lay a cool hand against his cheek. “There's nothing out here in the world that can't be fixed.”

“Y-You don't understand,” Alec stammered. “There are some things that shouldn't be real but now I've seen them and I think they're looking for me. I'm not even sure what they want, I knew what Manticore wanted and that all made sense but this doesn't make any sense at all...”

Alec could tell by the look on Cindy's face that he must have looked and sounded like a crazy person. He couldn't blame her because he sure felt like all of the above.

“Have you slept lately?” she asked. “Cuz you don't look too good--”

“I'm sorry, Cindy,” Alec humiliated himself further by pressing harder into her hand. “I-I'm so sorry.”

“Why you sorry, sugar?”

“I'm sorry for laughing at you... you know, giving you shit every time you said you believed in... in all that stuff about heaven,” he crushed his face into the dense mass of her curls. “I thought you'd just seen too much bad stuff happen. I thought you were just pretending 'cause it'd hurt less.”

“It's hope,” she murmured softly. “It's all it is.”

“But you were right,” Squeezing his burning eyes shut, he let her arms fold around his shaking shoulders. “You were right about everything.”

Especially about the hope part.

Because if the devil existed, that meant a few angels might too.

Alec felt some familial pride when Dean was faced with the bizarre sight of Joshua.

His uncle took a few moments to soak it in and then simply shook the transgenic's massive paw.

There were no questions or any cheap jokes. Just a sincere thanks for the sterile gauze, hot water and chemical ice packs. Cindy didn't hesitate to shake Dean's hand, but if Dean could read the mistrust in her eyes he was too tired to care. Joshua quickly got busy getting together the scatter of used tea bags, cans of stew and a few beers that had been gathering dust in the corners of his kitchen. Alec didn't realize how hungry he was until he started to smell food cooking. But satisfying hunger and thirst had to wait for a while.

Cindy shifted uncertainly at his side.

“So what's wrong wit 'im?”

There was only one bedroom with a bed in it and the bare mattress looked like it had been there since the Pulse hit. It was where they'd laid Sam down and it was where Dean had followed as soon as he'd patched himself up. Cindy stood with Alec down the hall where they could see inside without taking up the doorway.

Alec chewed his thumbnail and tried to think of an answer that would make Cindy stop asking.

“He got in a fight,” Alec repeated. “A bad one.”

Sam hadn't woken up once since they'd left the warehouse. Not on the bumpy trip in the pilfered taxi or even when Joshua had indelicately carried him into the house. His pulse was steady and his temperature was normal but he wouldn't open his eyes.

“You should call Logan,” she said for the hundredth time. “He can call that doctor lady. And what about Max? Max might know something that can help.”

“Max doesn't know anything about this.”

Cindy winced at the sharp edge in Alec's voice and he immediately felt sorry for it.

“Cindy, there was this lady, she- she...” Alec felt his eyes blurring again and he wiped at them angrily with his sleeve. “There was this lady from Manticore and she told me some bad things. Things that are worse than the stuff I already know if you can believe that crap.”

“I get that you're in trouble and it's because of these men, right?” Cindy's calm was starting to fray. “This is gonna get too big, Alec. I think we should give Max a call, she'll be able to--”

“No, no we can't!” Alec looked worriedly towards the windows that Joshua always kept carefully shrouded day or night. “They found me and they could find her too... its best to leave her out of it. Fuck, for all I know Max might be one of them.”

“O-One of what?”

Alec scrubbed his hands over his face and walked away. Cindy tried only once to call him back but he couldn't tell her anymore right now. If all went as he planned he'd be gone before she had a chance to hear all his newest dirty secrets anyway.

He moved into the warm quiet of the bedroom and found the old fireplace had a few logs crackling behind the grate. The light skipped and danced over the piles of unfinished canvases Joshua left stacked against the walls. Wedged between the bed and the window, Dean had fallen to sleep in the rocker that had previously been on the porch. His uncle had also found a fresh shirt to wear and a paint splotched blanket to wrap up in.

Alec sagged down in the only other chair in the room and stared at the dark bruises that covered one side of Dean's face. The man hadn't complained once when he had been cleaning himself up. The guy even insisted on sewing up the gashes on his arms all by himself. The only real concern Dean had shown for anything had been for his brother.

The transgenic's gaze flickered to the man on the bed. His father looked like he was sleeping, hands resting at his sides and lips parted in a restful slumber.

Sam didn't have a scratch on him.

Alec shifted around in the stiff wooden chair until he couldn't stand it anymore. Slowly reaching into Dean's jacket, he watched the man's face as he searched for a phone. His uncle didn't stir when he pulled it out and flicked it open. The dented device was a little worse for wear but it was still working. Flipping through the menu, Alec found more monikers and truncated code than he knew what to do with. However, a few words stuck out from the rest. He sat forward as he realized they were names that had appeared time and time again in haze of his dreams.

Bobby Singer. Ellen Harvelle. James Murphy. Gordon Walker. There was even a Joshua.

Alec gnawed on his lip and wondered which one he should dial. Surely one of these strangers held some knowledge on how to heal a hunter that had gone three rounds with a demon. Maybe these people knew other hunters, or even were hunters themselves--

The abrupt sound of Dean's sleepy voice almost made Alec wet his pants.

“You know how old Sammy was when you were born?”

Dean held out his hand and waited for Alec to pass back the phone.

“He was 16 years old,” Dean answered. “And ½.”

“What about my mother?” Alec hadn't really thought much about his parents ages before. “How old was she?”

“Jessica was 15.”

“Kids these days, huh?”

“Man, oh man,” Dean painfully stretched in the confines of the rocking chair. “First thing he did after he found out she was pregnant was call me. He was so scared he had to put the phone down to puke his guts out.”

“Sounds magical.” Alec felt weird about asking the questions but he didn't feel weird enough to stop. “So I guess that means they never got married?”

“There were plans for that after they finished school,” Dean sighed and tipped back his chair. “There seemed like so much time to worry about all that crap after, you know?”

Alec had no idea actually.

“Was she nice?”

Dean studied him a moment before answering. “I should have all sorts of heart warming tales to impart but honestly dude, I really have no idea what she was like,” he rubbed at his eyes and tugged the blanket closer. “I only met her a few times and I wasn't exactly her favorite person in the whole world.”

The response wasn't what Alec was expecting but it made him feel better in a way. It made him feel less left out of an entire family that had known each other all their lives.

They both jumped when Sam made a sudden harsh sound. Alec watched hopefully as his father rolled on the mattress and flung a hand out from under the quilted covers.

“He'll wake up in a while,” Dean said. “Don't worry.”

“How do you know?”

“Because he always does.”

“Get in a ton of demon fights do ya?”

“Just a few times a year,” Dean winked with his good eye.

Alec was silent for a minute as he listened to the snap and hiss of the burning pine. He cleared his throat and got ready to say what had been on his mind ever since he had gotten behind the wheel of the stolen taxi.

“I checked my messages and that car is waiting for us down by the docks,” he mumbled. “A-And I can get another sector pass. I can make it so we can all get out of here like you wanted.”

Dean glanced back behind Alec and down the hallway where the low murmur of Cindy and Joshua's voices could be heard in the kitchen.

“It'll be a long trip,” his uncle said quietly. “We probably won't be coming back this way for a while.”

“I need a vacation anyway,” Alec shrugged. “I could use some time off bumming around like you do.”

Dean groaned as he got to an unsteady stand. After dropping his blanket on Alec, he dragged the rocking chair closer to the fire. The orange light flickered bright against the walls, the pleasant heat and a body warm blanket making Alec even more sleepy than he already was.

“We snooze in shifts until Sam's up and ready to go,” Dean tossed another piece of wood onto the small blaze. “When he's awake he'll be a little uh... different for a while. It takes him a few hours to get back to speed. He might forget stuff like names and places, but don't let it scare you because it goes away. You understand?”

Alec nodded.

“You did real good tonight, Alec.”

Crossing his arms across his chest, the transgenic shut his eyes and thought of a thousand more questions he was too wrung out to ask. Instead, he decided to respond like a normal person would after some honest to god locker-room praise.

“Thank you,” Alec tried to get more comfortable in his chair. “Don't mention it. Ever.”

“We'll leave in the morning,” Dean said. “First thing.”

Alec was in full agreement on moving out by the dawn's early light but first he was going to try out some of that sleep everyone kept talking about. If he could shut his head off long enough to do it.

Something brushed softly against Alec's ear.

Sitting up in alarm, he found the room exactly like he'd left it before he'd shut his eyes. He blinked drowsily over at the still form of his father. He could have sworn he'd heard the whisper of Sam's voice, but the man hadn't moved. As Alec drifted in an out of sleep, he watched the slow rise and fall of Sam's chest as he breathed. He knew they were still linked in some way, the gradual recovery of the man somehow gently hurried along by Alec being nearby.

Half gone, Alec dragged his blanket with him and slid in next to the warm body on the bed. It was a tight fit but it was a hell of a lot more comfortable than the chair. As Alec settled into the musty mattress a pang of worry flared cold in his belly. Real sleep would bring the nightmares. The dreams would wait for him to close his eyes long enough so they could take hold. Pulling the blanket over his head, Alec's grit his teeth in frustration as the promise of rest also meant the pain played over and over again in a loop he couldn't stop no matter what he--

He stilled when Sam's arm came down to rest comfortably over his shoulder.

All the stuttering images behind Alec's eyes went to black. The scent of the burning forest receded. The man with the yellow eyes faded away.

Falling asleep instantly, Alec sank blissfully down into the first real rest he'd had in days.

Silent and warm.

Dreamless and quiet.

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