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*Rec Post*

My very first rec post! ♥

Both fictions below are by: essenceofmeanin. This is a talented author who uses prose and neat pairings you don’t find just anywhere. I really enjoy her style and have had the pleasure of having my very own requests fulfilled… (on demand even. I feel like a roman emperor!)

-This one was a result of me asking for a weird pairing that I think might be almost canon. (if your mind goes there like mine is likely to do)
Rating/Characters/WC: NC-17, YED/Sam, 1,500
Enter at your own risk…
Jacks or Higher

-Another request: Dean dealing with Sam’s bad dreams somewhere in early S1. I love her approach to this POV and I read it three times and then three times more because I liked Dean’s narrative THAT much. :D
Rating/Characters/WC: R for language, Sam & Dean (gen), 1,100
All Ripe for Dreamin’

More please essenceofmeanin! :D


(and randomly & NOT made for me) A Video Rec:

By deirdre_c! Not to mention one of the sweetest gals in the fandom, but also one funny ass dude.

Sam/Dean content within this video!

Kinda! ♥

This video is the best (and most indulgent) manipulation of sub context I’ve ever seen.

(plus the juxtaposition of SPN and C& C Music Factory just fucking w1nz and that’s all there is to it)

(and the Gordon moment makes me so warm and fuzzy inside I almost can't handle it)

(omg go watch this video)

Things that Make You Go Hmmm
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