Mink (minkmix) wrote,

*Aftershock poll* & *Wab Songz*

Wanna vote for the next Aftershock? Want some free music?

Well, I've got three rough drafts and nothing finished. So I thought huh, I got time for maybe another three of these things until next week so YOU guys get to pick which comes first...

Poll #1184375 Aftershockz
This poll is closed.

What wacky hijinks will the Winchesters do next?!

Alec-n-Dean vs. The Wildlife (aka rat phobia and some other stuff that will make you puke in the back of your mouth a little)
Dean-n-Alec have another tear jerking moment but this time it's Alec who knows what the fuck he's talking about.
Sam does priest stuff and is hot. Meanwhile, Alec and Dean do other things. (and are hot too)
Screw all that stupid crap! What's in the damn basement?!


And some songz for the WaB/Aftershocks Soundtrack. XD haha! I never thought I'd be a dude that posted songs for a fanfic but here I am and its GREAT.

SO... I can't think of a band more inappropriate and awesomely melodramatic for WaB!verse than Duran Duran but Simon Le Bon was my first boifriend so there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. I make up for it with some righteous Tom Petty. They are both (in my head) about Alec, one about X5/slave-ness and the other about Alec being in a small town and... ya know, Alec. (well, he IS crazy about Elvis.)

Chains- Duran Duran
Free Falling- Tom Petty

(other song descriptions are listed over: here.

In no particular order:
Click here to download the track!


In closing, I am so behind on comments it's not even funny anymore. Not that it was ever funny but you know what I mean. However, you guys are totally awesome and the bestest! I swear if I hadn't gotten all the kind comments the only person who would have seen the majority of these stories would have been my hard drive because it wouldn't occur to me that anyone would want to see my madness. To put this in all weird perspective for myself (and perhaps you), I was so gone writing Aftershocky stuff last week I totally forgot that there was a new episode of SPN on until the night before it aired. Total fuckin' blasphemy man.

But if a 41 year old Dean hosing himself off in the backyard is wrong, I dun wanna be right. ♥

Enjoy the booty-full weather guys!

*sprays you with hose in slo-mo*

sin-celery yours,
~Winnie aka Mink(mix)
Tags: music, with a bang
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