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SPN/DA: (Minor Tremor 2)

Hey dudes-
I guess I should just stop living in denial and get used to the fact that the Aftershocks have turned/merged/something into a sequel for WaB. I really do have a "sequel" in mind that officially begins in about 3-4 more Aftershocks from now, but I'm not sure how to start labeling or naming anything as of yet. So I apologize in advance for any confusion with what is what. I had NO idea how much fun the whole bang!verse was gonna be and I'm pretty happy with rolling right along till at least the next story arc is completed. (Which will include more characters from SPN and DA entering the bang!verse and lots and lots of trouble for all involved...)

Also between the Aftershocks, I have been stashing away a few Minor Tremors (aka Aftershock-era stories that don't quite fit in the series, but little slices that I would feel sad not posting.) SO for today, I didn't have time to work on the next Aftershock, but I had this Minor Tremor 2 sitting around that my friend Chaz said was worth sharing so here you have it! :)

Thanks again to everyone for reading! This has been so much fun and I feel like a huge douche bag for not getting to all the comments as of yet. But I want to let you know that your comments have really lit a fire under my ass to keep bang!verse going somewhere other than my hard drive. So thank you so much for all your kind and wonderful encouragement. It's a win-win all around! ♥
-winnie aka mink(mix)

Title: (Minor Tremor 1) - (Minor Tremor 2)- (Minor Tremor 3) - (Minor Tremor 4) - (Minor Tremor 5) - (Minor Tremor 6) - (Minor Tremor 7) - (Minor Tremor 8) - (Minor Tremor 9) - (Minor Tremor 10) - (Minor Tremor 11)
accompaniment(s) to: With a Bang
Author: Mink
Rating: SPN/DA Crossover - PG - Gen – AU in the year 2020
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: SPN & DA & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Dean POV. Sam and Alec are both slightly surprised to discover that they share some things in common. Dean is not surprised at all.

Dean knew he was unreasonably psyched about the new Chinese restaurant that opened on Blue Earth’s one and only main drive. Sam had gone ahead and termed his mental state as ‘stupidly excited’. But not a whole lot changed around here and Dean hadn’t had a decent plate of fried rice since he’d been out to one of the coasts.

The last exciting trip out west not withstanding.

Sam and Alec both happened to be home at the same time, and even more miraculously, they agreed to go out somewhere. So Dean made the executive decision to move the herd to the grand opening gala event. Gala meaning they had coupons for a free-for-one egg rolls and a plate of spareribs. The former coin wash turned eatery wasn’t exactly hopping but Sam ended up having to meet and greet half the crowd before sitting down anyway. Pastoral duties and all didn’t do much for effortless excursions into the real world.

“Get up,” Dean told Alec.

“What’s wrong with this table?”

“I want a booth.”

But despite the lack of kung fu music and no lucky bamboo in sight, Dean thought it was a great opportunity for the three of them to be seen out in public. It was good for the locals to occasionally observe them being a cheerful functioning little unit of joy.

Alec broke his disposable chopsticks into halves and then into quarters.

“What’s the problem?” Dean asked.


“You embarrassed to be seen with us?”

“Yes.” Alec answered without hesitation. “I am.”

“Are you kiddin’ me?” Dean flipped out the dragon themed menu. “Sam and me are the cool kids in this town.”

“Speaking as an actual real life cool kid uh, you guys aren’t exactly what’s it around here.”

Dean took a small sip of the complimentary green tea and concluded it tasted like it smelled. Something between boiled Astroturf and ripe lawn clippings. He drank the rest of it anyway and moved over when his brother finally got done blessing the fallen. “Okay, I concur that Sam sucks, but come on, my awesomeness automatically brings up the familial curb appeal by association alone.”

“Look, you just don’t understand where I’m at,” Alec patiently explained. “This whole deal isn’t as easy as you’d think it is.”

“What deal?”

“This situation,” Alec said. “I’m the one that has to walk around being the shameful and illegitimate product of your failed and loveless marriage.”

“Hey look, Sammy. They have duck.”

“You don’t like duck,” Sam said.

“Sure I do. What’s not to like?”

“You don’t like it because it doesn’t taste like chicken.”

“Oh yeah.”

“By the way, Dean,” Alec said. “That dude who delivers the mail thought I was your kid and I didn’t bother setting him straight. So if he starts spreading anything around you get to do all the big long explanations.”

“My kid?” Dean snorted. “Why the hell would anyone think that?”

Alec gnawed a chopstick and squinted at the list of pig, fish or fowl.

Sam opened the hardcover book he carried along everywhere and anywhere that required any type of wait. Dean assumed it was always a different book but he never took much notice of it other than its power to end conversation. Which all of a sudden there was plenty lack there of.

Considering the steaming teapot between them, Dean thought about dumping a dozen sugar packets into the stuff to kick it up a little.

“Frederick Kowalski,” Alec declared loudly. “Is an idiot.”

The statement had come out of nowhere but Dean was starting to get used to the stops and starts that made up his nephew’s train of thought. “Wait, wait,” he pointed. “Is that the dude who backed over his own cow last week?”

“No,” Sam didn’t look up from his reading. “He’s an economist who won the noble peace prize three times in a row.”

Dean glanced back down at the book in his brother’s hands. And there was Fred. Besides a solemn black and white photograph on the back cover, his name gloriously took up most of thick binding too.

“Like I was saying,” Alec crossed his arms. “That guy is an idiot.”

“He has his moments,” Sam agreed. “But there’s a reason he’s teaching at Harvard.”

“Yeah,” Alec said. “Like it’s real hard to score a job there.”

Dean recalled Alec poking through the book when Sam had been walking around chatting with the flock. That meant the kid had had less than five minutes to read, ponder and absorb 500 pages on some rag about international government finances. Dean raised his eyebrows in appreciation. He couldn’t even get through the shit he actually gave a crap about in that kind of time.

“You have anything else to say about the guy?” Sam shut the book and folded his hands over it. “Besides that he’s a moron?”

Dean knew bait when he heard it.

“Maybe,” Alec looked uncertain for a second but then it was gone with his smile. “Actually, yeah. I do.”

Sam sat back and uncrossed his arms and legs in a gesture of receptiveness. But it wasn’t quite that feel-good mushy crap Sammy usually pulled out all the stops for with his congregation. This stance reminded Dean a little too much of dad and their ‘talks’ back in the day. But Alec didn’t seem too worried about it. In fact, the kid looked pretty excited.

“The natural procession of any great society isn’t about socialism,” Alec sat forward. “It’s about being allowed to make a dime.”

“I don’t know,” Sam said. “Most free based economies nose dive as soon as the partition between social classes gets too wide.”

“That’s funny,” Alec shrugged. “Because that’s what everyone who can’t pay the rent says.”

“Some theorists say that every major western government has been in and out of a socialist climate for the last one hundred years.”

“No way,” Alec stated. “It’s all about capitalism.”

Dean wondered if egg drop soup was really as disgusting as he remembered. He also wondered if anyone else noticed that all the silverware on the table was vibrating. Putting his hand on his own set, he realized every table in the place was rattling too. “Uh, guys—“

“I don’t think the author really challenges the notion of an open market,” Sam continued. “But national health care and education should be standards. Standards that have been already set by some of Europe which have kept them the most powerful countries in the world, even after the Pulse and–”

“True, but—“

The waitress who arrived was suspiciously and disappointingly Caucasian. But to Dean’s relief, everything in the place that wasn’t bolted down abruptly silenced as soon as Sam and Alec’s attention was diverted elsewhere.

“Oh… I’m sorry,” she apologized. “Was I interrupting something?”

“No,” Dean assured her. “They were just boring the shit out of me.”

Her smile faltered for a second before it was right back in place.

It was a long shot but Dean went ahead and ordered the pork fried rice. His brother got the same thing he’d been ordering at Chinese joints since he was old enough to pronounce ‘sweet and sour chicken’. The kid finally picked out some weird special that had about ten different adjectives for ‘happy’ in it.

“That graph on page 321 tho?” Alec attacked the fried wontons as soon as they hit the table. “Totally on target.”

“Oh yeah,” Sam nodded. “I would have never thought to include tax law into the population percentile.”

Keeping an eye on the silverware, Dean was glad to see none of it moving on its own accord.

“Bet you haven’t read the banned stuff that came out of North Korea last year,” Alec poured soy sauce. “It’s awesome.”

“Try me.” Sam gave a smile. “Sagoung? Hahn?”

“Nope!” Alec looked like he’d just won something. “I was gonna say Changgok. It’s a little heavy on the Bolshevik-side but it has some decent concepts on 21st century free enterprise.”

“I read his first three books before he found Maoism,” Sam shook his head. “After that I thought he really started to stray into pure rhetorical.”

“Yeah! I thought that too!”

Dean caught the waitress’s attention one more time before she vanished. He needed some imported beer. Preferably no dark brews from any eastern European countries that were skirting the edges of communism. Dean looked nervously at the large picture window decorated festively with gold and red garlands. At the last second he changed his order and got another pot of that lame tea instead. It would probably be a smarter move to keep alcohol away from the rest of his family for tonight.

All he could afford to replace right now were a couple bent forks.

Dean frowned when their drinking water began to slosh with another heated turn in the debate.

And maybe a few glasses.

Tags: aftershocks, dean pov, gen, minor tremors, spn humor, spn/da crossover, with a bang
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