Mink (minkmix) wrote,

*no fic within*

I have once again starred in a spectacular computer meltdown. This time I just lost windows... ha! (Like how I said that? JUST Windows. But every file and whatever that I hadn't backed up in the past few weeks is history.

you: but a few weeks doesn't sound so bad?
me: yer right! :D

(see what a weekend off can do? It does wonders for your optimist voice.)

*is half way through the re-write for chapter four*

*we were on chapter four right?*

AND so this post wasn't a complete waste of time...

please enjoy some hotlinked baby meerkats.

-winnie aka mink(mix) ♥


also please enjoy the very first image that a google image search brought up when I typed: ALEC

Tags: head's up
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