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SPN/DA Fic: Not a Whimper part 10 of 10 (Epilogue)

Anddddddddd, NaW comes to a close with a kinda different chapter that ends with Alec. If this chapter doesn't feel like the biggest end-all-encompassing-final-sounding thing you've ever heard, it's because there's no WAY I'm ever going to put this verse away forever... More sequels? More Aftershock-Like Thingies? You bet. (I already got an idea of them all going back to Seattle for a more DA-ish story next time round. Sam and Alec still have tons of things to figure out about each other. And Dean and Sam still have some issues that won't get resolved in some conversation by a pretty fence. And there's always Killer of course... the Adventures of Which Have Not Even Yet Begun! :D

However, any biggish Bang!verse projects start after Traces is done, and whatever other ya-yas I need to get out first. I really like doing these multi-chapters but man oh man, they drain me so. So much drama! So much emotion! SO ACTIONY! (You may notice a lot of my fiction is a lot of Sam and Dean staring at each other while they eat Twinkies and share mediocre philosophy on life because well... that shit just doesn't take as much effort as looking through the intrawebs to look up how to hot wire a tugboat.)

(which is no where to be found on the intrawebs btw)

(as far as I know)

This one has been a lot of fun, and I got to thank everyone for reading and commenting all the wonderful fun things you've commented. You guys have TOTALLY made this verse easy to write just because you really are just cool like that. ♥

More soon, as always,
-winnie aka mink(mix)

Title: Not a Whimper: part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - part 9 - part 10/Epilogue *Completed* (Continued in The Ripple Effects)
sequel to: With a Bang and The Aftershocks
Author: Mink
Rating: SPN/DA Crossover - PG - Gen – AU in the year 2020
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: SPN & DA characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Alec POV. Alec has to sleep with the lights on. If he could actually sleep that is.

A few weeks went by and Alec was still sleeping with all the lights on.

He knew it wasn’t something that any reasonable adult should be doing, but he wasn’t real interested in reasonable these days. Especially after he found out that there was no regulation anywhere that specifically stated that it was not allowed. Like all those other things like: “no living” in the living room or using water in your cereal. There were lots of rules that Alec just assumed were unbendable until he went ahead and accidentally broke one.

“Have a good night, Sam.” Alec stretched.

He waited a few moments.


“Uh-wha-Alec?” Sam sputtered awake. “Whatdasay?

“Just sayin’ good night.”

Sam pulled a pillow over his head. “Goodnight, Alec.”

He’d tried really hard to sleep up in that quiet attic all by himself. He could honestly say he’d given it his best shot. But the first few nights brought him right back downstairs.

“Hey, Alec?”


“D-Do you think we could try this tonight with the lights off?”

“Uh, sure thing?” Alec wanted to at least sound accommodating. “We could do that I guess.”

He’d also been sleeping in his father’s room every night since he started with the whole light thing. And Alec wasn’t using some manly gesture of a sleeping bag in the corner either. This deal didn’t even include a handy cot that could be folded away for the day. Nope, he was right there in his dad’s bed and he didn’t care who the fuck knew about it. As long as no word or mention of it ever left the house of course.

It was a small town and he did have something of a rep to maintain.

Alec was glad when Sam drifted back to sleep before any actualization of light switching-off could occur. However, that also meant he was all alone again.

“I guess I’ll see ya in the morning,” Alec said.


“Sleep tight,” Alec stared at the ceiling. “Don’t let the bed bugs--”



Alec listened the worrisome sound of peaceful snoring.

He knew all of this bed stuff was stupid. He was aware that it was childish. And he had a complete and utter understanding of how weird it all might seem to anyone who hadn’t recently had their soul ripped out of their body and had it sealed away in purgatory. Grabbing his blanket, Alec headed down the hall to the other bedroom. Pushing the door open, he frowned at the sight of Dean’s four-point sprawl on the tiny queen sized bed.

Alec loudly cleared his throat.

“How ya doin’, Dean?”

Dean dragged a quilt off his face and focused groggily in the blue glow of the lava-lamp Alec clicked on. “Ah god no…”

“Move over.”

“I’ve been thinkin’ Alec…”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah,“ Dean yawned. “These last few weeks remind me of way back when Sammy was a kid.”

“That’s really fascinating but could you move over a little more?”

“He thought some weird Easter Rabbit was gonna break into our house…. and paint all our eggs… or lay eggs in the paint… or I dunno… something like that.”

Alec shoved Dean further into the corner to make himself some space. His uncle was good for late night chats and all, but Dean was a lot less organized sleeper than his father which made logistics problematic.

“I think you’re suffering from that uh…” Dean tried to roll over and hit the wall. “…whatcha call it, post-traumatic-annoying syndrome thing those people .. talk about… on …those talk shows….”

“Gimme a pillow,“ Alec slid in as close to his uncle as he could and started wrapping himself in. “And not a lame flat one either.”

“Do you want a bedtime story too?” Dean asked. “A cautionary tale maybe about a little boy that keeps waking up a crazy guy with a knife under his mattress…”

“No thanks.”

“How about a story about the time I was down in Palm Springs and I met those chicks from Thailand going to school for massage therapy--”

“The twins?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Okay,” Alec sighed. “Why not.”

He waited patiently for a few minutes until he realized that Dean had fallen back asleep.

Squeezing his eyes shut, Alec concentrated on breathing slowly in and out. It wasn’t as if he could remember any of the purgatory part. Or even being sealed up in a crypt in the dark for days not being able to see or move or… or breathe. Alec felt his heart starting to beat too fast, the closed window across the room making him want to get up and push it wide open even though it was pouring rain outside.

“Dean?” His uncle was a lot harder to wake than his dad so he included a kick. “Hey, Dean!”

Dean groaned under the pile of blankets.

“Tell me that story about that time when you got arrested in New Jersey.”

“I went to New Jersey. Was arrested.” Dean said. “Everybody lived.. happyforevertheend…”

Sam had told Alec he’d been missing for five days and gone for ten but he didn’t remember a single thing about it. Weirder still, he had no idea why his brother Ben, who liked to make sure all his methods of harm were clearly understood, spared Alec that one agony out of all the others. But despite not having any memory of what his limbo had been like, Alec was still feeling some things that he couldn’t figure out. He never liked being alone much, but now the thought of even being by himself in the goddamn shower was making his throat tighten and his skin break out in a cold sweat--

“Or-Or the time you and Sam almost got busted in Saint Louis,” Alec suggested. “That was a good one.”

Alec and the cat were summarily both startled when it jumped up onto the bed and they unexpectedly met eye to eye. This animal was well aware of what the real estate situation was like on this mattress and sharing it with anyone else was undesirable to say in the least.

“I know,” Alec said. “Tell me the one about how you and your dad went down to Mexico that first time?”

“I got a better idea,” Dean was muffled under three layers of quilt. “Why don’t you tell it?”

“Sure!” Alec liked talking more than listening anyway. “It was your birthday and you really wanted to go to Tijuana to get wasted but your dad wanted to go find some guy that stiffed him on a fake monkey’s paw so--”

“Don’t forget the part where we get stopped by the border police with a dead donkey in the backseat.”

“That part is way at the end, shut up and let me tell it right…”

As Alec talked, the cat wriggled under his arm and began the slow and tedious process of cleaning itself. Closing his eyes, he carefully recited route numbers, complicated sounding Spanish towns and the even more fantastical names of prostitutes.

Alec knew that Dean was right though.

These little sleepovers couldn’t go on forever. And if he had to sleep alone again, he actually had been thinking of one other thing that would make him feel a lot better about doing it. The plan made about as much sense as spooning with a cat and Dean in the middle of a muggy June, but the thought brought a smile to his face that didn’t fade away even after he finally started to feel drowsy…

As soon as dawn hit he was going to go have a talk with the farmer down the road. The guy had a small fleet of diesel tractors that could do a lot of damage to the peaceful waving stalks of corn that ran for ten square miles behind the house.

He got more sleepy the more he thought about it.

Alec had no idea why the image of all that beatific scenery leveled to the ground gave him so much satisfaction, but he didn’t really care at the moment. Because first thing in the morning he was going for a tractor ride.

He might even wear a cowboy hat.

the end?!
(Continued in The Ripple Effects)
Tags: alec pov, gen, not a whimper, spn multi-chapter, spn/da crossover, with a bang
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