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SPN/DA Fic: Ripple Effect Six

Title: Ripple Effect One - Two - Three - Four - Five 1/5 - Five 2/5 - Five 3/5 - Five 4/5 - Five 5/5 - Six - Seven - Eight - Nine 1/5 - Nine 2/5 - Nine 3/5 - Nine 4/5 - Nine 5/5 - Ten - Eleven - Twelve - ?
sequel to: With a Bang and The Aftershocks and Not a Whimper
Author: Mink
Rating: SPN/DA Crossover - PG - Gen – AU in the year 2020
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: SPN & DA characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Sam POV. Things in Blue Earth return to wonderful boring normal.

The music box made a very startling and peculiar noise when it imploded.

They’d all stared at it in disbelief until Alec let out a strange laugh he’d tried hard to hold in.

As it turned out, keeping the highly mobile Baby-Bobby in one spot wasn’t easy nor possible. So to solve that issue they’d employed the up-side down laundry basket technique that had worked so well on the cat. And everything was fine until the magic box blew its springs out right before the timer was done ticking. The naked guy with the laundry basket on his head looked about a decade shy of the old man Bobby was supposed to be. If Sam squinted he might have even said it might have been even closer to twenty.

After Bobby got his clothes on he was in a real big hurry to get gone.

“Take it easy, man,” Dean said. “Nice… seein’ you.”

The hunter didn’t say a word as he quickly tossed his heavy bags (without aid) into his car. He even had something like a smile on his face when he slid into the drivers seat without one complaint about his aching joints.

“Bye, Bobby,” Alec waved. “Watch out for deer.”

The music box had worked just fine on Dean and Alec. Although Sam wasn’t exactly sure their years had been perfectly realigned either. Dean could have dropped half a decade or just gotten a good night’s sleep. It was difficult to tell.

The rewound cat still needed to be fed milk through an eyedropper though.

Sam watched Bobby’s car tear down the road and wondered when they’d see him again. He had a feeling that with the free battery recharge, Bobby might end up disappearing for a lot longer than the usual.

“Now what?” Alec sighed. “Everything’s back to the boring usual?”

“Yup,” Sam said with a grateful smile. “The boring usual.” He felt the crushing ennui and wanton despair come off his son with the force of a tidal wave. “But I heard Dean talking about going for hunt soon,” he lied. “This weekend.”

“You heard what?” Dean asked.

“Something is eating a bunch of hikers out in Yosemite?”

“Oh yeah,” Dean yawned. “Almost slipped my mind.”

“That sounds good,“ Alec looked relieved for a moment before worry quickly returned. “But what if it’s just a bear?”

“Might be,” Sam nodded. “Or it might not.”

Pushing open the screen door, he decided he didn’t feel too badly about stretching the truth this time. Mostly because there usually was something out there always chowing down on tourists in the state parks. But with that many square miles of back country it was hard to keep on top what was legitimate food chain action and what required a salt and burn.

“It would be good for you guys to get out,” Sam said. “Hit the road for while, get some fresh air and break in those new shotguns-”

“What about you?” Alec interrupted. “Don’t you need air like everybody else?”

“I’ve got a lot of work here that I need to catch up on.”

“Like what?”

“You want a list?” Sam had one if Alec actually said yes.

“Fine.“ His son studied him for a moment before going on. “I have a lot of stuff to do around here too.”

“Yeah, about that?” Dean dug a beer out of the fridge. “There’s a ton of weapon maintenance that needs doing whenever you feel the urge-”

“I’m gonna go fix the phone first. If that’s possible. And then I’m going to mix some milk formula because Sam said we couldn’t waste the box on the cat so now we own a fetus. Then I’m going to eat dinner which you’ll be making because I’m so busy. And then I‘m going to try to fix that music box and then-”

“Sorry, but the box is gone,” Dean informed him gladly. “Bobby took it with him.”

Alec frowned.

“We got plenty of other broken crap lying around,” Dean hooked an arm around Alec’s neck. “And you haven’t even seen the basement yet.”

Sam noted with interest that patting Alec soothingly on the head incited the same instant-fury as it did to his brother.

“S-So what are you trying to tell me here?” Alec shoved his uncle off of him. “We don’t fix any of this cursed stuff we find? We just get all fucked up by it and hope it doesn‘t brake and back over us a few more times? Like… like road kill?”

Sam had never really thought of it in those terms, but Alec was right on the money. The family business wasn’t in the custom of doing much refurbishing and hitting the antique road show for extra cash.

“So Yosemite, huh?” Alec sighed again.

“I love that place,” Dean said half-heartedly. “Lots of nice scenery, lots of untouched wilderness, lots of mosquitoes, lots of no toilets-”

“If we’re going hunting then you should come too, Sam,” Alec mumbled. “All you do when you’re alone is work anyway.”

Sam didn’t need any extra special powers to know what else his son was thinking. “I’m feeling a lot better now, Alec. A-And I‘m looking forward to getting caught up with the parish. Getting things back to normal around here is good for the town.”

Alec had never been very big on observing personal space, but ever since he’d arrived back to his correct age he’d been lingering a little closer than usual to his father’s side. Sam had to make room for him on the sofa when he sat down, Alec pushing under Sam’s arm and forcing himself into the space between the armrest. It reminded Sam a little bit of the cat.

“I kinda remember being a kid,” Alec said. “I guess you remember all of it, huh?”

“Yeah,” Sam said. “I do.”

Sam looked uncomfortably towards the dark television set and wished for its noisy blare for a change. The subject of remembering was something he liked to avoid as much as possible these days. Mostly because one answer would never be enough for the multitude of questions that were crowding his son‘s mind. His child had been programmed not to be satisfied with half a picture, and Alec had been given even less than that to reconcile weeks, days and hours of missing time.

“Sam?” Alec said quietly. “I had fun.”

Sam smiled before he could help himself, but it quickly faded as he felt Alec shift beside him. There was another question there. Sam could see it forming in the air between them, urgent and angry in his son’s thoughts… The rage that rippled through the ground and shattered the windows. Waking suddenly and sick on the bare mattress in the house. Sam‘s grip on Alec‘s hand so hard he couldn‘t unmake a fist until a day later. Where were we, Sam? Where did we go?

Sam jumped when he heard a small sound in the corner of the living room.

It was a weak and distressed mewl coming from a cardboard box.

“Right on schedule,” Alec’s watch alarm started beeping. “Feeding time.”

Leaving Alec to his duties, Sam headed up the stairs to the office and a backlog of work. It was a lot easier to get lost in the problems of his community for now. It was much simpler to immerse himself in worries that were larger and more important than his own.

Sam closed the door and welcomed the feeling of ease he always received at the sight of stacked paperwork.

Because the reality was that he really couldn’t remember a single thing after Ben had vanished through the gate that night. However, he was painfully aware of why both he and Alec had such conveniently matching memory lapses. And if Sam had removed such large portions of their long term memories he knew he must have had a pretty good reason for doing it.

The sharp pencil point broke against his paper as images burst bright and loud behind his eyes.

Ben waiting at the foot of the stairs
Hands pulling the cassock down over Sam’s body
A mouth over his smothering and distorting the Lord’s Prayer
The beautiful flames engulfing the church
Dean’s rifle lowering as he listened to every word Ben said

Sam very slowly put the pencil aside and folded his hands across the notebook so he could rest his forehead. Some things weren’t worth remembering.

And this time he was inclined to trust his own judgment.

Tags: gen, ripple effects, sam pov, spn/da crossover, with a bang
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