Mink (minkmix) wrote,

SPN/DA Fic: Incandesce 4 of ?

Title: Incandesce part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - ?
sequel to: With a Bang and The Aftershocks and Not a Whimper and The Ripple Effects
Author: Mink
Rating: SPN/DA Crossover - R - Gen – AU in the year 2020
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: SPN & DA characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Dean POV. The Winchesters slowly find out that they've been brought to Seattle for a reason.

There was an old van parked behind the motel with its back doors open and waiting.

Dean had less than a second to check out its dark interior before Max had taken hold of the back of his jeans and shoved him inside. With the benches ripped out there was just enough space to store a couple of people back there. Falling face first beside a spare tire, Dean inhaled the scent of gasoline and a cheap deodorizer that did nothing but enhance the stench with the reek of fake flowers. He was about to complain about the accommodations when Sam appeared holding Alec up with an arm over his shoulder. Despite the temperature, the kid was in one of Sam‘s old jackets, the hood tugged down and hiding his face completely from view.

Blinking at the bright sunlight behind them, Dean could only focus on how the light glinted off the gold in Sam‘s eyes.

He might have been having trouble thinking straight, but it was pretty damn obvious that Sam was not considered one of Max’s prisoners. She didn’t seem particularly pleased by that fact, but she didn’t appear to be making any aggressive moves to go about changing it either. It also occurred to Dean that maybe she simply just didn’t have the strength to make Sam a captive even if she wanted to. Twisting his wrists handcuffed behind his back, Dean wondered why Sam wasn’t busy turning the prisoner situation around for everyone involved.

But Dean wasn’t feeling up to asking Sam anything at the moment.

Mostly because Sam was watching Max with a frown that Dean knew meant trouble. And when he took a better look at Alec, Dean thought he knew exactly what the trouble was.

“Christ, Alec,” Dean tried to sit up. “What the hell happened?”

“A-Are we goin’ somewhere?” Alec was alert enough to notice where he was. “We have a van now?”

The sight of the kid’s battered face made Dean go cold with anger, but after a few more moments, realization sank in and that anger was rapidly replaced with relief. Maybe even a little bit of awe. Alec looked like he’d just gone three rounds with a bulldozer and had a very good reason to look like he'd very happily lost.

Dean gave Max smile. “Looks like you came out on top,” he was pretty sure it wasn’t a good idea to piss this girl off but he wanted to do it anyway. “Don’t see a scratch on ya, but then again, all the good parts are all covered up--”

“Lay down,” Max told Dean. “There’s plenty of room.”

“No,” Dean wanted to be able to see where they were going. “I'm fine right here.”

Dean quickly found out what Max’s threshold was for noncompliance. With one hard tug under his knee, he was right where she wanted him to be… flat on his back and seeing stars. Unable to rub the back of his head, he counted himself lucky he hadn’t bitten his tongue off when his head had struck the floor.

“I told you to take it easy on him,” Sam said. “He’s not gonna give you trouble.”

“You sure about that?” she asked. “He doesn’t look too happy to me.”

“Just do like I asked.”

“Is that a warning, Sam?”

“Yes, it is.”

Trying to make room for himself and Alec, Dean thought his brother’s frown was suddenly making a lot more sense. Sam never did like it much whenever anybody disobeyed any of his rules.

“Any other requests?” she smiled. “Would you like me to remove his cuffs so he’s more comfortable too?”

“Not yet,” Sam said. “He’s safer this way for now.”

Dean wondered exactly what Sam meant by that.

“So,” Max asked. “Are we ready to go?”

Sam answered the question by slamming the van doors shut.

Listening to Max get into the driver’s seat, Dean held his breath on the slim chance that Sam wouldn’t follow her and get into the passenger side. Dean hoped against hope that his brother would unlock the doors while she was distracted and end all of this right here and now. Because even though he was well aware that Sam’s brain wasn’t currently firing on all cylinders, Dean kept waiting for his brother to give some kind of sign that all of his madness was just for show. He kept looking for a wink when Max wasn’t looking, or any of their codes that would tell Dean that everything was really okay. He needed one shred of evidence that Sam was just playing pretend to fool the bad guys.

Dean squeezed his eyes shut.

But the thing was that there had been no one around to fool before Max had showed up. It had just been him and Sammy at the top of the basement stairs, and every terrible word Sam had said to him had been real. That hideous gold that stained his brother’s eyes only shined that bright when Sam had had lost all control.

The question of the hour was now was a pretty simple one.

Why now?

Alec groaned from beside him.

“Alec? Hey, wake up!” Dean demanded. “We’re in trouble here!”

Alec responded by stretching out so he could comfortably rest his head on Dean’s shoulder.

Instead of shoving him away Dean slumped back and just let him do it. He figured if anyone around here needed some sleep it was Alec. And truth be told he was more than glad to let Alec spend as much time in languishing in a drugged stupor while he was still stuck in breeding mode. Dean swore out loud when they made a high speed turn and the van lurched dangerously to its side. Looking at annoyance at the driver, he saw Max get ready to make another turn just like it while Sam watched silently from the passenger seat. After everything Dean had heard (and felt) coming from that basement he wasn’t all that confident she should be operating any machinery let alone a large vehicle. In fact, Dean thought she was probably more in need of recovery time than Alec was. But even as the thought crossed his mind, he saw the steering wheel jerk out of her grip and keep the van on the road. Dean’s gaze flickered back to Sam.

Looked like his brother had some control around here after all.

Dean tried to keep track of where they were going, but he was having trouble concentrating. His head hurt so bad he could feel every little bump in the road like a hammer to his skull.

There was too much... noise.

He pounded his head a few times on the metal floor of the van. No, that wasn’t right. It wasn’t noise so much as it was entire pictures with sounds. But it wasn’t just a picture either. A picture was just an image that you couldn’t listen to or feel. What Dean kept getting was the entire package. Sight, sound and texture, all at once like he was sitting right behind someone else’s eyes. He felt a wave of Alec from beside him, the calm and contentment washing over him and almost closing his eyes.

“No,” Dean muttered. “No…”

Back in Blue Earth he’d thought he had gotten used to the way Alec’s random thoughts would sometimes jam into his own. But now when Alec struck it reminded Dean of those nature shows when two mountain sheep slammed into each other like battering rams.

And then there was Sam.

It was stifling hot in the van, the only windows were up front and they were rolled up. Dean swallowed hard, trying to breathe in the stuffy confines of the dark. Alec’s body was like a furnace and pressed in too close. “Hey!” he decided to take a cue from his nephew and just ask. “Where we goin’?” Licking at the sweat on his upper lip, Dean started to struggle although there was nowhere to go, his chest hitching for air and his vision blurring. “I-I asked you a question,” he wanted to shout but he couldn‘t. “Where are we--”


Dean immediately stilled.

We’re going to see Logan.

Gasping in pain, he waited for the words to stop reverberating agonizingly through his head. He hadn’t actually heard them like speech, but he knew Sam had given them to him just like he’d know the sound of his brother’s voice. Looking up at the front seat, he saw his brother hadn’t even turned around to look at him. Collapsing back onto the floor, Dean thought that maybe Sam didn’t even need to use his gold eyes if he didn’t really want to anyway.

The thought made his nausea worse.

There wasn’t any room to back away from Sam even if he wanted to, but he couldn’t help tensing as his brother climbed into the back of the van to kneel beside him.

“W-What? You too good for talking out loud now?” Dean asked. “And you’re never gonna find Logan. If he even gets a whiff of this he’ll vanish like--”

“He’s the one that sent Max,” Sam said. “Didn’t you think it was a little weird he had all those drugs on hand right for Alec right when we needed them?”

Dean had actually thought it was pretty weird, but at the time he’d been too grateful to think to much more about it.

“Something’s going on here, Dean,” Sam said. “But don’t worry. I’m gonna figure it all out.”

“Sure,” Dean said. “Whatever you say.”

“Just trust me,” Sam leaned closer. “You owe me that much.”

“I don’t fuckin’ owe you anything,” Dean said it before he could even think. “Take a good look around if you can, Sammy. If you can’t do it for me than do it for Alec. He needs your help to get him out of here. Away from Max and away from whatever is that Logan wants-”

Dean stopped when Sam’s hand rested on his face.

It’ll be okay, Dean.

The sound was impossibly louder this time, clanging through his skull like he imagined the insides of gigantic bell. Each word striking every side, swinging with a momentum that would never stop. He could taste blood this time, running from his nose and into his mouth.

Please trust me. I know what I’m doing. I won’t let anything happen to you.

Dean quickly thought of the only thing he could say that might make his brother stop.

“S-Sammy, please don’t,” he breathed. “You’re hurting me.”

Sam’s hand quickly withdrew with a strange expression on his face that Dean didn’t understand at first. Then he slowly realized that Sam was confused. The golden eyes changed, flickered for a moment, and then Sam was really there, staring in blank bewilderment at the blood on Dean’s face. At the sight of Alec passed out next to him. The dark cramped van and its familiar driver.


“Yeah?” Dean wasn’t about to push his luck. “Is that really you?” It was a stupid question and he knew it, but he didn’t know what else to ask. It was always Sam, even when his eyes were the color of molten metal it was still his brother and no one else.

Sam’s hands were automatically searching for what was keeping Dean restrained. But before he could find and disable the locks the van suddenly rolled to a halt and the rumbling engine cut off.

“Play along, Sam,” Dean decided to roll the dice. “And you'd better make them believe it or we're all toast.”

Sam met Dean’s steady look in the dark before looking away. Max called out a question and Sam was already moving to the front seats, the light too dim for Dean to catch whether his eyes had regained the cast of gold or they were still the color he knew. Nudging at Alec’s limp body, he was grateful for the soft swearing and signs of life. He whispered to Alec to be ready. Ready to fight. Ready to run. Ready for anything when the back of those van doors opened. Because all they had right now was to trust Sam to play this one smart to get them out this alive.

Dean just hoped Sam knew which side of the game he was playing on.

Tags: evil!sam, gen, incandesce, sam pov, spn/da crossover, with a bang
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