Mink (minkmix) wrote,

SPN/DA Fic: (Minor Tremor 8)

This was a request (food!sick!fic) someone asked of me long, long ago... from back in the stash! -mink

Title: (Minor Tremor 1) - (Minor Tremor 2) - (Minor Tremor 3) - (Minor Tremor 4) - (Minor Tremor 5) - (Minor Tremor 6) - (Minor Tremor 7) - (Minor Tremor 8) - (Minor Tremor 9) - (Minor Tremor 10) - (Minor Tremor 11)
accompaniment(s) to: With a Bang
Author: Mink
Rating: SPN/DA Crossover - PG - Gen – AU in the year 2020
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: SPN & DA characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Alec POV. http://www.aanma.org/farmersmarket/fm_anaphylaxisguide.htm

“Would you look at this,” Alec announced to no one at all. “And the guy just gave it to me. For free!”

It had been a little anticlimactic lugging the giant crate from the bottom of the road and all the way up the porch steps with no audience. He’d had expected someone to be within shouting distance when he dropped it as noisily as possible right in front of the door.

“Hello?” he tried again. “I did something awesome?”

Finally he heard a voice from the top third floor, and when Alec thought about it, his third floor where there was nothing but some storage and his attic. Sam appeared on the stairs wiping dust from his hands and looking pointedly down at his watch.

Alec had been expected home hours (possibly a day) ago but he had a few distractions on his way into town and back.

“I can explain,” Alec said. “I went to that house like you said but she needed to move the sofa so I could take out all those other boxes? So I took them across town for her to this other guy and he couldn’t get his airplane started so I hung out there for a while and he ended up giving me a lift over to Dover? While I was there I played a couple of hands of cards to get my gun back and I won this!”

Sam was keeping a good distance away from the damp crate.

“What the hell is that?”

“It’s food,” Alec nodded. “It smells like the ocean.”

“Alec, we don’t have any big freezers for this kind of thing, and we-”

“Then we’ll have to eat it tonight” Alec said simply. “So go turn on the stove.”

“But you don’t even know what it is.”

Alec pulled off one of the planks keeping the crate together and cringed when it let out a pink slurry of melted ice. He backed away too when the stink got compellingly worse. Dean came down the stairs behind Sam and stopped when he got closer to the reek.

“What the f-”

“It’s dinner.” Alec informed him. “And what were you guys doing in my room? It’s a private place and I don’t want anyone in it besides me.”

“The roof was leakin’.” Dean circled the flagrant box warily. “And someone left their stereo on under an open window during a thunderstorm.”

“That could cause a fire.” Alec conceded. “However, I’d still like it if you didn’t go in there without asking permission first-”

“I haven’t seen fresh crab in months,” Dean crouched down. “Where did you get all this?”

“Hey! Crab is good right? I’ve never had it but its what people always eat on TV in bad lighting and slutty clothes.”

“Great,” Dean grinned. “You fire up some pots of water and I’ll slip into something slutty. You too, right Sammy? Something off the shoulder would be nice.”

Alec pushed past them with the leaking crate in his arms.

Boil water. Lots and lots of water. Then melt some butter. He got more and more excited the more the scent of day old crustacean soaked into his clothes and dripped all over the floor. This was going to be one glorious and disgusting mess.

“W-Why did you stop eating?” Alec tossed a decimated crab claw aside into a teetering pile on the floor. “There’s plenty more.”

“No way,” Dean moaned. “There might be some room left in my esophagus…maybe…”

Alec appreciated the candle light and his request for some fine dining apparel. He wasn’t sure why Dean’s symmetrically shredded White Snake tour shirt was classy but it unarguably exposed inappropriate amounts of skin. Sam didn’t even try to dress up but Alec was so excited about all the aquatic arthropods floating in butter that he overlooked his father’s lack of participation.

“There’s was even some lobster in there,” Alec could barely move. “Those are even better than crabs right?”

“How could you have never eaten a crab before?” Dean asked again. “That’s weird.”

“I’ve never eaten a lot of things.” Alec picked through the crabby remains on the table. “I’ve never had flan. Or that whipped cream that comes out of a bottle. Or hey, yams. Or most types of squash. I think I’ve eaten dog but honestly once it gets all mixed up and cooked I can’t really tell the… tell the….”

“Hey,“ Dean asked. “Have you ever had a Cleveland steamer?”

Alec thought for a second before shaking his head. “No, what is that-”

“Nothing,” Sam interrupted. “So are we done here? You think we had a raccoon problem before, wait until they get a whiff of this.”

“Yeah,” Alec absently scratched at his neck. “Maybe I should keep it in the… in the shed…”

“You all right, Alec?” Sam asked.

Alec sagged back in his chair and stared up at the old chandelier that hung over their kitchen table. He couldn’t stop rubbing at his eyes. All the cut pieces of dusty glass looked especially bright tonight for some reason. The low watt bulbs were mesmerizing, and the warm wind blowing through the back door suddenly seemed slightly cold.

“I-I’m fine.”


“What?” he had started to scratch at his arms and now his legs were driving him crazy too. “I told you I’d clean it up… just give me a minute…”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah-I’m-uh-just-having-some-trouble-” he paused to wheeze in a breath,”-with-restriction-in-the-respiratory-tract-uh…” Alec slid ungracefully off his chair and hit the floor. “Just-give-me-a-minute. I-I-I’ll be…I’ll be….”

“Too much wine there, kiddo?” Dean yawned. “Maybe you should lay off for the rest of the night.”

“Increased-heart-rate,” Alec was having a harder time wheezing. “Drop-in-blood-pressure-uh … dizziness…possible loss of conscious…”

“Alec?” Sam’s voice changed from tired to concerned. “You don’t look so good.”

“Is he fuckin’ around?” Dean asked. “’Cause the other day he pretended the car rolled over his foot and the little bastard almost gave me a goddamn heart attack.”

“N-No.” Alec firmly shook his head and then wished he didn’t when the room wouldn’t stop moving. “Swelling-in-the-back-of-the-throat-abdominal p-p-pain-nnnnnnh!

“Dean, call the doctor and tell him to hurry.”

“What?” Dean fumbled for the line. “What’s going on?”

“Oh man,” Sam was next to him. “I think Alec is allergic to shellfish.”

“N-No-I’m-not,” Alec started shivering uncontrollably. “I’m normal! I love-bottom feeding crustaceans-soaked-in-melted-lard!”

“Yeah, well you love them so much that I think you might be going into anaphylactic shock.”

“Doc says he can be here in five minutes,” Dean still had the phone. “He said to make sure he keeps breathing. W-Wait! He might stop breathing?”

Alec looked dazedly over at the large pile of crab remains on his plate. It was getting almost impossible to swallow let alone breathe. “What-a-way-to-go, huh?” he managed a smile for his dad. “After all this bullshit and then-bam!- taken out by a shrimp cocktail….”

“I once choked on a lifesaver,” Sam pulled a pillow for him from the sofa. “I turned blue before I threw it up right in my dad‘s lap.”

Alec wasn’t sure when he'd laid down on the floor, but his father’s hand was behind his neck, tilting back his head and making it slightly easier to inhale and exhale.

“Christ Sam, the doc said to keep his airway open with anything we can find…. Are you listening to me?”

“Another time I tried to do a magic trick with a quarter.” Sam said. “Dean almost killed me trying to perform the Heimlich Maneuver...”

Alec strained to listen to Sam’s voice as it got fainter and fainter.

“You’ll be okay, Alec.”

He felt himself nod as the lights overhead went gauzy and bright.

And then he was gone.

“What happened?” Alec croaked. “Did I die?”

“No,” Dean took a seat on Alec’s bed. “But you can log another seizure in your book.”

“You had to get a shot,” Sam said. “After that you were fine.”

“I… I don’t feel fine.”

“Yeah,” Dean nodded over his shoulder. “Neither will that bathroom for a while.”

“My stomach feels like… like…”

“Like you might have turned inside out a couple times?”


“Well, lets sum up what we learned this evening, shall we?“ Dean said. “First off we learned not to accept free seafood from shady pilots from Dover. Secondly, we learned that you my friend have a spectacularly heinous food allergy to shellfish. Thirdly, we learned that eating three times your weight in said shellfish has the ability to make even a Monday night in Blue Earth exciting-”


“Congrats, Alec,” Dean smacked him on the thigh. “You’re the first person ever in our family to have an adverse reaction to something as great as food.”

“I think it was the wine,” Alec clutched his blanket closer. “It was kind of cheap.”

“Right,” Dean nodded. “Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna try mopping up the bathroom until it starts to smell less like low tide around here.”

Alec slumped down in his bed and looked up at his dad.

“For real, Sam? I almost bit it by eating a stupid crab?”

“Well,” Sam sighed. “It was closer to about 100 crabs but yeah, you heard what Dean said.”

“But-But it tasted so good.”

“Remember it fondly,” Sam told him. “Because you’ll never taste it again.”

“That’s not fair.”

Sam clicked off the single light in the attic. There had just used to be a plain bare bulb but someone had put a lamp in the corner. It spread a gold warmth instead of the stark glare that Alec was used to seeing overhead. “Try to get some sleep, okay?”



“Sorry if I puked on you,” Alec had a hazy memory of yakking on someone at some point. “But it’s a like a regular tradition around here, huh?”

“I guess it is.”



“Could you leave the door open a little?” Alec fought his heavy eyes. “Ya know, for the cat.”




“The universe really is kind of a hostile place isn’t it?”

“Not really,” Sam said. “You just gotta watch your back that’s all.”

Alec rolled over in his blankets and yawned. As he listened to his father walk slowly down the stairs he realized he wasn’t feeling good enough to lay in any position other than flat on his back. Steadying his breathing, he swallowed back another wave of nausea and tried to think of things that stayed perfectly still. Like rocks. And … other really big and immobile rocks. But he thought Sam had a good point about keeping your guard up even when things looked fine. There was a lot of wisdom in being careful to avoid all the minor and major disasters that waited in practically anything at all.

His stomach lurched when the cat unexpectedly jumped up onto the mattress.

Even pleasant places like the dinner table.

Tags: aftershocks, alec pov, gen, h/c, minor tremors, sick!alec, spn/da crossover, with a bang
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