Mink (minkmix) wrote,

Happy Halloween! (&*Notice*)

Hey there-

Just an update on some fiction and such. I'm gonna try hard to get the last chapter(s) of Some People Paint before the weekend is over. My annual Halloween "CREEPY FIC" has been a lot of fun and of course turned much longer than I ever initially intended. XD

However...*insert ominous music here*.... next week I will be going to be getting some major surgery (on Election Day of all days to deal with a chronic pain thing I've had for a while) and will be consequently be in the hospital for approximately a week and a half in recovery. I'm going into it with a really positive outlook and I'm looking forward to some results that will make my standard of living a lot better. And I'll be in the hands of the talented doctors at Yale Hospital and my health insurance in covering everything *whew*! I expect to walk out of there with just a few more bitchin' scars to add to my collection. *shows tummy* In fact, my biggest concern is how will I be sure I get to watch SPN??!? But I have no fear, because my pal muffaletta has got me covered with her awesome VCR. ♥

I'll try to remember to hang up a hiatus notice but if I don't... expect to see me around again in a few weeks or so. I'm going to bring my laptop with me but I don't know what kind of shape I'll be in for doing much writing BUTTTTTTTTT if any of you guys wanna drop a bored dude sighing in a hospital bed a hello, I'll be checking my e-mail: minkland@aol.com


Have a great weekend everybody & see ya on the other side...
-Winnie aka mink(mix)

(And not to be presumptuous or anything but if anybody out there prays, I could use a thought or two on Nov 4th sometime in the early afternoon.);)

*mails in absentee ballot*
Tags: head's up
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