Mink (minkmix) wrote,

SPN Fic: Hireling 2/?

Title: Hireling part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - ?
Author: Mink
Rating: R - Gen - hurt!Dean - hurt!Sam - power!sam
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: SPN & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: (S4) Sam POV. Sam is on one of the most famous 'Most Wanted' lists of all time, and eventually some of the beasts looking for him start to catch up.

When Sam next opened his eyes it could have been sunrise or a sunset darkening the sky.

He wasn’t sure what he expected outside the passenger window, but a pleasant suburb wasn’t it. Matching houses in different shades of beige lined a well manicured street that ended in a cul-de-sac. Sam felt well past conspicuous as the engine rumbled to idle in front of the last home on the block.

“Get out.”

Sam was about to answer that he would if he could but suddenly his fatigue began to ease. Within moments he could flex his hands and sit up straighter in his seat. Letting out a deep breath he felt strength surge back through every vein in his body.

“Nice and slow now,” Gregor said behind him. “You’ve been sleeping for a long time.”

“H-How long?” Sam rasped as he groped for the door. “Where are we?”

“Illinois,” the man at the wheel said. “Harpersville.”

There was a thin layer of frost on the sidewalk and the air was still and frigid, the bare trees glistening with a coating of ice. Sam heard the other car doors slam closed and flinched at the hand that took his elbow. It was that driver. The thing wearing Dean’s leather was silent now, but Sam couldn’t help but notice that he was the same height as his brother too.

“I choose him just for you,” Gregor said. “I thought he would make you more comfortable.”

Sam let himself be lead up the front walk and watched dully as the Dean-thing leading the way casually broke the doorknob off in his fist and let the door swing wide open. The living room was full of immaculate furniture and a carefully decorated plastic Christmas tree in the corner. Sam was shoved towards the white carpeted stairs. But instead of walking up the steps, Sam turned around, suddenly aware he hadn’t gotten a decent look at the beast named Gregor who had brought him all this way.

“I hate to rush you, Sam,” the man said. “But we are on a bit of a time table here.”

They usually always looked so ordinary. The fantastical seemed to greatly admire the mundane. Simple faces and average bodies of the living were in endless supply to disguise the bizarre hidden inside.

But not this one.

The first thing Sam noticed was the color of his skin. It was a shade of gray that matched its expensive suit. Not pale, not sickly, but a dull pasty gray like clay from a dried river bank. The second thing he noticed was the shape of its hairless head, sloping back to make the skull more serpentine than human. The slant of it’s red eyes blinked at him quixotically. Sam stumbled backwards when the long slit of a tongue appeared and disappeared over the thing’s lower lip.

“If you wouldn’t mind?“ Gregor tapped his watch. “Second floor, third door on the left.”

“She’s waiting,” the driver blurted nervously “She’s angry.”

Sam blinked down in confusion at the thing still gripping his elbow. It had even had green eyes. Sam realized that the creature’s scratchy voice had held true fear, looking up the stairs uneasily when Sam still didn’t seem as if he was going to move as ordered. Shrugging the servant away Sam gripped the banister and frantically wondered why he was doing exactly as he was told.

But he could feel something.

Something was waiting down the dark hall above him.

He passed empty room after empty room until he found her. She was sitting up in a neatly made bed with no night gown to cover her battered body. For a moment Sam thought she had been awoken by the driver breaking down her front door, but then he understood that she had heard them coming long before that. Her pearly black eyes studied him curiously as he entered the room. They then widened in terror when Gregor stepped in quietly behind him.

“We're like roaches,” Gregor said. “You can find us everywhere.”

“Then kill her,” Sam said. “What are you waiting for?”

“I’m unable,” Gregor looked vaguely embarrassed. “Do you know who her grandmother was?”

Sam’s head reeled as the demon in the bed began to scream, piercing and shrill making the windows crack and shatter in the frames.

“Do it, Sam!”

He was pulling the demon before Gregor could even finish the command. Sam had never told anyone what it felt like but he knew what others saw. It looked cold, just a mass of black smoke spewing out of every orifice as the human eyes locked in the beast’s agony. But Sam could feel the heat, the feel of his hand reaching in and disemboweling them slowly, pulling and tearing at them until they were literally inside out and spiraling down into the fire.

The woman slumped lifelessly back onto the bed.

“Nicely done,” Gregor’s hand slid onto Sam’s shoulder. “I had no idea the process could be done so quickly.”

Sam gripped his throbbing head and staggered backwards until his back found the wall. “W-What is this? Who was she?”

“She was in my way.”

“Wait…. I don’t understand-”

“Come along, Sam,” the demon told him. “She has… had friends and we aren’t ready for them all yet.”

Sam listened to Gregor walk down the stairs and felt another surge of pain in his head like a hard yank on a leash. And he knew there was no choice but to follow.

“That was an easy one,” Gregor explained. “A test.”

Sam had expected another endless drive until the tank ran dry but to his surprise they were pulling off the highway almost as soon as they had gotten onto it. The small town flashed by his window as Gregor yawned and stretched in the back seat.

“You did very well by the way,” the demon added. “Just in case you were wondering.”

The motel they stopped at was the type that Sam knew well enough. He watched in detached wonder as the driver got out and went into the lobby about a room. For some reason Sam couldn’t picture this particular demon being appreciative of the polyester bedspreads and rusty stained bathrooms. The gravel lot was empty but they parked in the far corner anyway. Sam waited for what was going to come next.

“Room 33,” Gregor said. “That room is ours.”

Sam was moving before he could think, stepping out into the cold and searching the doors for the right numbers. He didn’t remember being handed the key but he slid it into the lock and stepped into the musty dark. Gregor was right behind him, but paused as he remembered to address the waiting driver.

“Bring him inside,” Gregor told him. “He won’t survive the night out there.”

Sam flinched when the door slammed closed without the aid of a hand.

“Take a seat, Sam.”

The chair was comfortable, heavily padded and worn springs. Sam tried to look around the room but all he could think about was the last thing the demon had said.

“Who?” Sam asked. “Who won’t survive?”

He jerked in alarm as he heard the familiar sound of the car trunk opening just outside the door. Gregor carefully closed the curtains and examined the rest of the space with a flash of his dull red eyes. He took a pen out from the inside pocket of his suit and began to draw wards on the door just below the peep hole. After nodding to himself in approval, the demon moved to the walls and started to decorate them with even more symbols.

Sam stared at the shag carpet as the car trunk was noisily slammed closed.

The trunk.

“M-My brother…”

“I told you he was all taken care of,” the demon stopped in front of the mirror. “And it wasn’t easy I assure you.”

Although Sam wasn’t tied to the chair he felt his hands begin to shake as he tried to raise them from the arms. He couldn’t move much more than his head but when he tried to lunge forward he saw a trace of apprehension in the demon’s eyes.

“I want to see him,” Sam said. “I want to see him now.”

“I don’t think that’s such a great idea, Sam.”

Sam let another surge of power flow through him, and almost smiled when it hit the floor and made his chair rock. The demon had backed up another step but its uncertain smile was now replaced with annoyance.

“Okay,” he held up gray hands with oddly long fingers. “We can arrange a little visit.”

Sam was suddenly on his feet.

“But not for too long,” Gregor said. “Dean needs his rest. He’s been through quite an ordeal.”

He barely had time to wonder why his brother wasn’t a corpse out in an alleyway before they were already walking out the door. He hadn’t expected Gregor to acquiesce so easily. With a sinking feeling he wondered if there was something he could do to stop all this right now. If his power was being used then there had to be some way he could control it too. The demon was just pacifying him, keeping him calm and under its command-- Sam stopped when Gregor wanted him to, the invisible leash tugging so painfully he fell to his knees and fought back a wave of nausea.

“Dean…,” Sam gasped. “Dean, I’m here.”

He struggled to his feet, searching the room for his brother. But all he saw were two empty beds and that thing wearing Dean’s leather.

“Where is he?” Sam shouted.

“Bathroom,” Gregor provided. “But I don’t want you to get too upset. If you get upset then I’ll have to get upset. And we just found you Sam. I wouldn’t want to destroy you just yet.”

“Let me see him.”

“Do we have a deal?”

“Yes! Let me go!”

Sam almost fell back onto his knees as the demon’s hold on him was released. But the driver stood at the bathroom door clearly troubled with the agreement.

“Let him pass.”

“But-But he might wake her, she might-”

“Did you apply the wards as I told you?”

“Yes, but-”

“Then let Sam pass.”

Sam shoved the servant aside and nearly fell again as he slumped into the bathroom’s narrow doorway. As he fumbled for the light switch, he hoped like hell that all he’d see was pure white porcelain and not tiles spattered in blood.


His brother was there, laying in the bathtub on his side. His white T-shirt was filthy, and his jeans were ripped but it really was him. Sam stared for a moment before kneeling down to touch the pale skin of Dean’s neck. He swallowed hard when he saw Dean’s chest, the protective tattoo over his heart had been slashed and rendered useless. Dean’s pulse was steady and weak, but he was alive. Sam pulled in frustration at the leather straps that tied Dean’s hands behind his back. Wishing he had a knife, Sam rolled him over hoping to see anything, anger, fear, but his brother had been blindfolded and tightly gagged. The gag was sopping wet with blood, running down Dean’s chin and soaking the front of his shirt.

“What is this?” Sam shook Dean as he tried to sit him up. “What did you do, Gregor?”

“I’m afraid your brother talks too much.”

“What did you do!”

“I just gave him a kiss.”

Sam watched in horror as Gregor grinned, a smile too wide that almost split his face in two and filled with rows of needle sharp teeth the color of polished metal. The forked tongue flickered over the larger fangs before the grin shrank back to almost human proportions.

“It’s just a tongue, Sam,” Gregor shrugged. “One can live very well without one.”

Dean roused slightly and let out a soft moan stifled by the cloth stuffed in his mouth. Sam went cold as he fumbled with the blindfold, expecting to see two empty sockets. To his breathless relief Dean’s eyes seemed whole, he felt them move under his fingers as he roughly tried to push the lids open to see for himself. But then Dean groaned again and opened his eyes on his own.

Sam’s heart skipped in his chest.

His eyes were intact but they weren’t green.

They were pure white.

“Sam, I believe you’ve met Lilith?” Gregor asked. “It turns out that your brother makes an excellent lock box.”

Sam shut his eyes for a moment, trying to understand what he’d just heard. It was impossible. It had to be. “D-Dean? Hey, can you hear me?”

“He might,” Gregor said. “Can never be too sure with possessions.”

The body in Sam’s arms trembled in fear and he suddenly knew what he was holding wasn’t his brother but another trapped demon. One of the most dangerous demons ever to walk the earth.

“Okay Sam, that’s enough. She needs her rest.”


“I said that’s enough.”


“I thought we had a deal.”

Sam’s vision began to dim. He furiously shook his head from side to side as it grew worse, the pain hammering behind his eyes turning to a keen edge that made him sick to his stomach. He growled when he felt the hands of the servant on him, dragging him away and murmuring something about going to sleep. To his dismay he felt sleep rush in and close in around him.

His last thought before he was gone completely was the slashed tattoo on Dean’s chest. Lilith was now trapped in his brother’s body.

And Sam wasn’t sure how long she could remain there until all of Dean was burned away.

Tags: h/c, hireling, hurt!dean, hurt!sam, power!sam, sam pov, spn multi-chapter
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