Mink (minkmix) wrote,

SPN Fic: Hireling 4/?

Title: Hireling part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - ?
Author: Mink
Rating: R - Gen - hurt!Dean - hurt!Sam - power!sam
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: SPN & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: (S4) Sam POV. Sam is on one of the most famous 'Most Wanted' lists of all time, and eventually some of the beasts looking for him start to catch up.

When Sam woke up he was surprised to find himself in the same motel room he’d fallen to sleep in.

A glance at the clock told him it was far from when the sun would begin to rise over the desert outside the dusty window. With a sigh, he pulled himself out of his tangle of blankets and scrubbed at the patchy beard growing on his face. He was ready to pull on his coat and get out of the stuffy room as fast as he could but something made him pause as he rose unsteadily to his feet.

Someone had left him some food.

Real life honest to god food that didn‘t come out of a rusty can.

Sam stumbled towards the small table in the corner covered in boxes and containers of cold Chinese. The blur of time passing had also muddled his memory of when he’d last had anything but expired military rations courtesy of Gregor. And his stomach twisted painfully in his gut to remind him of how long it had been since even that little luxury had been provided. He quickly took a seat, but before he could lift his chop sticks he stopped again to look at his brother still laying in the other bed. Gregor was not leaving anything to chance when it came to Lilith. She was neatly tied and surrounded with wards on the headboard, floor and the walls. There were even a few new ones on Dean himself, grease paint shaped and painted on the backs of his hands and another large one covering most of his bare chest.

Her apathetic white gaze was betrayed by her hands twisting restlessly in the leather binds.

“You must be hungry,” Sam said. “There’s enough here for both of us.”

She turned Dean’s face away in disgust.

“What‘s the problem?”

I don’t want that.

“Well, Dean likes-”

Dean likes what?

“He likes egg rolls.”

I want cake. Her blank eyes became glossy and wet. I want ice cream. The kind with the rainbow sprinkles.

“Sorry,” Sam sighed. “We’re fresh out.”

With another sigh, Sam poured a heap of greasy fried rice into the Lo Mien and stuck an egg roll into the pile like a birthday candle. She shied away from him when he sat down on the edge of her bed, but she didn’t protest when Sam lifted a mouthful and pressed it against her lips.

Free me, she demanded. I can feed myself.

Taking a mouthful for himself, Sam shook his head and gave her a small smile. “How stupid do you think I am?”

Would you really have me answer that question?

Sam studied the smile she gave him back with a cold wash of unease. He had no idea how Gregor had managed to trap something like Lilith but the wards he used seemed to be working. The question of the hour was for just how long? It was difficult to keep even the most rudimentary demons locked let alone one that was as powerful as this one.

“I think Gregor has plans for you,” Sam piled another heap of rice in her mouth. “I think he has plans for both of us.”

He’s not alone, she grinned. When I am set free I will turn that pathetic upstart inside out and let him enjoy his remaining pitiful existence staring into the dark of his own rotting corpse.

Sam swallowed back a wave of nausea but it wasn’t because of Lilith’s use of creative imagery. Tearing the egg roll into two, he pushed it into her mouth before she could think of anything else to say. All she had was the meaningless posturing of a trapped and desperate animal. Her fear made her threats even more hollow and ridiculous even than when she was in full control of her power. Sam slid the chopsticks under her chin to tip his brother’s face up so she would look him in the eye.

“He doesn’t want us dead,” Sam said carefully. “He wants to use us.”

Give the boy a prize, her grin faded. Gregor wants to be king.

“If all this keeps going he might just get his wish.”

We can stop him. she said. You can release me, Sam. I can leave your brother and together we can put an end Gregor. We can make it as if he never once drew breath. We can erase him from the very air, we can annihilate his very essence-

“I can’t help you,” Sam said softly. “He’s hobbled me with the same wards that he’s imprisoned you with.”

Her eager hope swiftly disintegrated into rage. With a slight rattle to the floor, every light bulb in the room blazed bright before shattering hot glass in every direction.

“Impressive,” Sam poked through his rice. “Are you done?”

No, she growled. Not even close.

“Every time you do something like that you bring one-hundred more demons our way.”

What kind of girl doesn’t like a party, Sam?

Sam did think she had a point no matter how dangerous and stupid it might be. If he did figure out a way out from under all the binding magic he would need some help. And even if Lilith wasn’t capable of doing everything she said she could, she certainly could do a lot of damage with someone on her side. Sam put down the carton of rice and pushed his hands through his hair.

“I want to talk to Dean.”

She considered him as she chewed.

I know something you don’t know, she used a sing song voice. I know something that could make things a lot better for both of us.

“The three of us,” Sam said it more loudly than he meant to. “Let me talk to Dean.”

Her belligerence faded a little when she saw the seriousness in Sam’s eyes. The anger shifted to something almost sympathetic.

Dean doesn’t like it in here. She let out a staged whimper as she twisted her tightly bound hands. When I fall to sleep he surfaces but he can’t talk to wake you. He can only make these disgusting sounds, like some animal with its tongue slit in two-

The rice landed everywhere when Sam lunged towards her, the cold feel of her skin trembling under the grip of his fists as he sat her up to look her squarely in the eyes. “Don’t think it Lilith. Don’t think for one moment I won’t make things even more uncomfortable for you here than it already is.”

W-What about your dear beloved brother, helpless and trapped in his very own head?

“He can take it.”

The crack of Dean's head slamming against the headboard startled her, her confidence vanishing as real pain sang through her borrowed body as real as any mortal being. The lights flickered and the television transmission erupted into snow.

“I want to talk to him,” Sam told her. “Right now."

She immediately sagged in Sam's arms, and he could feel her retreat like a fading heat. Sam smiled to himself before he could stop it. He wasn’t much of a man for idle threats or brute strength just to get his way. But with this particular demon all his unbreakable lines in the sand didn’t seem to matter much anymore. Holding on to her arms he could feel his brother coming back almost right away.


“Saaa…uh ...Saaa…”

“Try to talk to me the other way,” Sam’s heart pounded in his chest. “Try like she does.”

Dean stilled in his grip, his white glazed eyes blindly searching. His bound hands clutched at Sam’s sleeves and groped upwards until he found Sam's face.

“Christ,” Dean gasped. “Wha-wha did they do-”

“Please Dean, we don’t have much time,” Sam said. “I’ll try it on you first. Don’t freak out, okay?”

Sam took a deep breath and shut his eyes. He willed each word as if it were coming from his own lungs and throat. He tried to keep it simple, short sentences and even shorter words. Dean suddenly jerked violently in his arms and Sam knew that something had worked. Thinking maybe he’d just did the equivalent of shouting into Dean’s ear, he attempted to slow it down, soften it into a bare whisper that he had to force with all his will to be hear.


Sam gasped at the intense onslaught of the hot tears that began streaming down his face. He didn’t even care if Lilith had a front row seat the show, how vulnerable he made him seem. Angrily wiping his sleeve across his eyes and nose, he pressed Dean’s hands against his face so he could feel him nodding vigorously.

S-Something’s coming. Dean’s hands paused at Sam’s throat where Gregor’s latest ward hadn’t yet had the chance to heal. Something ‘s following us.

“What is it?” Sam ached to rip off all the leather binds that crisscrossed every part of Dean’s body. “A demon?”

No. Dean weakly shook his head. It’s something different. We got to get out of here.

Sam bowed his head.

The way out to the parking lot and the waiting car might as well been a quarter-million miles away on the moon. Between the symbols craved into his flesh and the scrawl of wards Gregor and his servant had strewn with ink on every wall, threshold and window, they might as well been in a super-max prison.

Hey man, don’t sweat it.


Since when could any two-bit clink ever keep us?

His smile came before Sam could stop it. His brother apparently just experienced Sam’s thoughts just as if he had just spoken it out loud. He hadn’t realized until this moment just how much he needed his brother’s grin until he saw it. With shaking fingertips, he touched his brother’s face, feeling the warm tears that were leaking from Dean’s stark white eyes.

“B-But who is following us?” Sam’s relief was short lived. “Do you think it’s Ruby?”

No. Dean said it without hesitation. It’s something else. His hands were on Sam’s face again, groping down to Sam’s bare chest and pausing on all the wounds that had been left there. The car? Do you still have the car?

“Yeah, Dean, but-”

I want you to get out of here, you hear me? You can get in that car and don’t look back.

“No way, Dean,” Sam carefully took his brother’s hands away. “Not an option.”

The thing was that over the past few days Sam had begun to think there maybe a way to get out from under Gregor. Despite all the wards and binding symbols, he thought if he tried hard enough there might be a chance to escape all this. It might feel like crawling through bared wire on fire and it would probably kill him, but he knew there was a slim possibility he could survive breaking the leash that had been tied so tightly around his neck.

This isn’t up for debate. Dean’s words shook, even though his voice was only in his thoughts. If you get away then we have a fighting chance. You listenin’? You do as I say and you get yourself gone.

Sam could feel it suddenly, a flash of pain that his brother was trying hard to conceal. He felt it all the time from Lilith, the old demon making no effort to hide her suffering from anyone lucky enough to be within her stifled range.

“I’m not leaving you here,” Sam said. “I’m not leaving you locked up with this bitch. Do you get me?

Dean sagged back against the pillows and absently twisted at his bleeding wrists.

It’s weird, Sam.

The abrupt change of gears startled Sam back into the moment at hand.

“What’s weird?”

Lilith. Dean started to look around the room as if he could see her waiting patiently in the corner to return to her hijacked body. She’s like some little girl. A psychotic nut job of a girl that wants to eats kittens alive, but, she … she’s scared. She’s powerless and she knows it.

Sam leaned over and crossed his arms on his knees. He didn’t say what he wanted to say. Little girl or no, she was thousands of years old and the mask she liked to wear was nothing but what it was. A disguise to aid her in the exploration and destruction of what every human being held dear.

“Don’t let her fool you,” Sam said. “She’ll use it against you.”

Dean’s face contorted into pain, suddenly thrashing as much as he could with the tight lacing Gregor had cocooned his body in.


He’s coming. Dean sunk lower into the pile of blankets, writhing in a barely contained panic. Go!

Placing a hand on his brother’s trembling knee, Sam made a silent promise that he wasn’t sure Dean could feel or begin understand. But just as Dean predicted the motel lock began to rattle before the door swung open and banged loudly into the wall.

"Where's your little servant friend?" Sam asked.


Gregor looked the same. Pressed gray suit. Shiny shoes despite the slushy weather that inundated every sidewalk and stretch of payment. His appalling grin split his face in two as he observed that Dean had briefly surfaced.

“It appears good new proceeds me,” he said. “I suppose it saves me time to ask you to start packing your things.”

Sam got unsteadily to his feet and tried to keep the humiliating waver out of his voice. “Lilith and Dean said something is looking for us,” he cocked his head. “Is it another demon looking to take the throne?”

“Those cowards wouldn’t dare come looking for me,“ Gregor collapsed in the chair by the door. “Most of them are as useless as you, Sam.”

Sam had a strange moment of realization when he understood that the gray demons' usual bravado was missing. “Then-Then what is it?”

Gregor rubbed his hands together and his smile was back in its grotesque place. “I’ll be needing you and our lady friend here for this one,” he explained. “I admit, releasing Lilith, no matter my precautions, does not make me happy. But you’ll be there to keep her in check won’t you, Sam?”

With a horrible sinking dread, Sam understood the demon‘s confidence. Gregor’s dull red yes rested his eyes on Dean before he shrugged and got more comfortable in his seat.

“Heaven’s watching, Sammy,” his forked tongue licked at his thin lips. “And they’re scared.”

“Scared?” Sam laughed. “We don’t exactly have the upper hand in this fight, pal.”

“I admit, it won’t be much of a fight,” he sat up straighter, his red eyes gleaming in his excitement. “They’re only sending one of the bastards.”

Sam made and remade fists, wondering how much time he would have to start dismantling the demon’s face before the protective wards stopped him.

“You see Sam,” Gregor said. “This particular solider of our heavenly father has quite…. a thing for your brother.”

Sam went cold.

“He trusts Dean,“ Gregor said. “And an angel’s fury can always be overcome... by compassion.”

Sam’s attention was abruptly disrupted by a strange muffled sound coming from Dean’s bed. His brother was shaking, convulsing violently enough to knock the lamp off the side table.

“Don't move,” Gregor ordered Sam. “Let Her come back."

Sam kept himself in check, shutting his eyes and concentrating as hard as he could for one last word for his brother.

Dean? I‘m not going anywhere.

“Don’t bother, Sam.” Gregor gave a brief roll of his slanted eyes. “He can’t hear a thing when She starts burying him deep.”

The motel was oddly silent besides the violent creaking of the motel mattress as Lilith struggled to resurface. When Dean's limbs finally settled, a strange demure smile replaced the contorted grimace of pain. The blank white eyes had quickly solidified as perfect and flawless as stone. But instead of looking at Gregor, her gaze was locked in a submissive and shy gesture towards Sam.

“My lovely,” Gregor practically purred. “Do you think you could learn to forgive me if I hand you the body of an angel?”

Sam flinched even though the well aimed wad of bloody spittle hadn’t been spat in his face. And despite it all, Sam felt a flicker of unexpected hope.


Maybe a warrior of God, no matter how ruthless he might be, could do what Sam could not.


Tags: h/c, hireling, hurt!dean, hurt!sam, power!sam, sam pov, spn multi-chapter
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