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SPN/DA Fic: Waiting for the Sound of Thunder - part 1

I know. I have absolutely no right to embark on another multi when I have so many in the works. However, I feel like doing another day by day flash fic, spewing and not a whole lot of editing. So here we go…. :D
Guide to the Bang!Verse- Go first to With a Bang, The Aftershocks, then Not a Whimper, and then The Ripple Effects, and then Minor Tremors, and then, Incandesce….and then lastly and sort of out a side alleyway... Waiting for the Sound of Thunder

Title: Waiting for the Sound of Thunder: part 1 - part 2 - ?
accompaniment(s) to: With a Bang & The Aftershocks and Not a Whimper... and the The Ripple Effects and Minor Tremors and and and Incandesce
Author: Mink
Rating: SPN/DA Crossover - PG - Gen – AU in the year 2020
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: SPN & DA characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Alec POV. After a harrowing hunt, Dean and Alec try to unwind in a roadside bar...

Alec spit another mouthful of blood into the sink and watched it turn the steaming water pink.

“That was funny,” Dean said from beside him. “That sorry son of a bitch didn’t even see you coming.”

Looking sideways at his uncle, Alec growled at the empty cardboard roll where the paper towels were supposed to be. Considering the dismal state of the bar they’d found he figured he should be glad the place even had running water. Sort of. He tried to breathe only through his mouth to mute the aroma of the backed up toilets.

“Did you see that sucker’s face?” Dean held his lacerated wrists under the faucet. “If the bastard could of it would’ve shit its pants--”

“It almost ripped your head off,” Alec snapped. “Your head.”


“And I don’t find that funny!”

His uncle smiled at him in the cracked mirror before wiping a sleeve across his bruised face. “You gotta learn how to keep score, kid.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Every hunt we walk away from,” Dean pushed the swinging door open. “Is a win.”

Alec studied his own battered face in the mirror a moment longer before following him into the bar. The place had no lights other than a hundred or more neon beer signs that hung on every available space on the walls. The hissing signs flickered and blinked out of sequence, each flash making the dull pounding in Alec’s head turn into the strike of a pin hammer.

“Two beers!” Dean called out to the bartender. “Whatever you got that’s cold.”

Two dented cans appeared and all Alec could do was wish there was some bottled sparkling mineral water instead. He grimaced as they sat down at the furthest table, the blood drying on his jeans making them a little stiff around the crotch. Despite the loud music there were only a hand full of people there to enjoy it. Rubbing at his aching jaw, Alec knew the bruise there was probably already fading away. Dean, unfortunately, didn’t quite have the same regenerative properties.

“You’re bleeding on the table,” Alec said. “And your shirt.”

Dean absently stuck a napkin up his bloody nose and whipped out his cell phone. It was check in time to home base as usual. Downing his beer, Alec wondered what exactly Sam would do if they didn’t call in to announce the A-OKAY signal. Start arranging their funeral services ahead of time? He could hear his father’s voice pick up on the line.

“Hey, Sam,” Dean said. “It’s all set. Cops won’t find a thing but a dug up grave. How are things back at the ranch?”

Although Alec frequently indulged in useless communiqué with his own phone to the annoyance of those present, he didn’t really care for it when others did the same. Bored and neglected, he occupied himself with the distraction of a swarm of moths trying to make love to the parking lot’s single street lamp.

“What? No, way. I guess that means they won’t be getting married in your church. It might explode into flames.”

“Why?” Alec prodded. “What did he say?”

“Yeah, Alec’s fine. A little banged up but fine.”

With a frown, Alec watched Dean smear more blood across his cheek. He thought about asking to speak to Sam when Dean was finished. He wanted to tell Sam that his brother was a lunatic and needed more adult supervision.

“What did I just say, Sam?“ Dean yawned. “He’s better than fine. He‘s fantastic.”

Alec noticed that one of the only two women in the room kept glancing in their direction. And instead of wary revulsion she seemed to be pretty interested. Chicks really did dig a man with scars. Even scars in the making. Abandoning Dean and his annoyingly private conversation, Alec ordered another couple rounds and took a seat with the girl sitting all by herself.

“What’s a lovely lady like you,” Alec enjoyed the classics. “Doing in a place like this?”

“Just needed to get out,” she said. “My boyfriend’s a total asshole.”

She was pretty but not in all the ways the magazines preached. This girl’s mouth was a little too wide. She was much too short and her muscle tone was below average. Her large brown eyes were shaped in a pleasing inward slant of the Hispanic and traces of Indian. Dark hair was carelessly wound in a clip with strands falling in curls against her cheek. Brought up surrounded with genetic perfection, Alec had begun to slowly understand how mundane flawlessness really was.

Alec leaned in closer with a real smile. “Wanna take a walk?”

“Sure,” her tired grin was wonderful, an ordinary face transformed into the sublime. “You got any cigarettes?”

They exited out into the soft heat of early summer. He offered her a crumpled pack of Camels and to his delight she took the whole thing and shoved it into her purse.

“So what happened to you?” she asked. “You look like shit.”

“Uh, got into a fight.”

“Looks like you lost,” she decided to light up one the smokes. “You fight a lot?”

“I guess so.”

“Well, just so you know, I don’t do any of that weird shit. The strangulation shit, the bondage shit, I just do the basics and I charge twenty bucks no ifs ands or buts.”

A working girl. Alec hadn’t been expecting that and he felt a thrill of panic as he groped for his probably empty wallet. To his dismay there was only a ten spot sitting all by its lonesome. But when she caught sight of it, her negotiation tactics abruptly changed.

“Ten is cool,” she said. “But you only get ten minutes.”

That was completely fine by him.

“Over here,” she started walking outside the pool of light from the parking lot lamp. “Someone left their car unlocked.”

“What’s your name?” Alec didn’t really care but he liked it when they said things like that in the movies. “Are you on drugs?”

“Hurry up,” she shoved herself in the backseat of an old four door sedan. “And be quiet.”

Alec had his six-hundred seconds already mapped out. He knew where to start and where to finish. All he needed was the go ahead and this deal was as good as done… There was a moment of confusion as he watched her exit out the opposite back passenger door, and another second before he realized there was someone in the driver’s seat. Trench coat and hands gripped knuckle white on the steering wheel.


He was sending himself into motion before he had time to think, he was going to plant a fist right into the motherfucker’s jaw and break it, and then he’d really get down to business. But to his horror, his body didn’t obey. Alec’s skin prickled with a sickening cold sweat as he realized he was unable to move. Chest heaving, he struggled to lift his hand to open the door. It was right about then that he saw the pentagram encircled by a thick red line overhead on the car ceiling. He could smell it, as potent and powerful as perfume.

Fresh blood.

“Hello, Alec,” the man said as he started the car. “It’s good to finally meet you.”

Alec stiffened as a bolt of pain shot through him, making his heart skip and the air wheeze in his throat. Before he knew it he had collapsed, hands scraping uselessly at his thudding heart. It was going to explode. It was going to burst through his ribcage in a spray of blood.

“The more you fight, the worse it is,” the man said. “Please try to relax.”

Alec whimpered, his panic rising at the sound of the tires passing over gravel and onto the smooth asphalt of the interstate. The man was too calm. Alec knew that kind of cool. It came before the syringe and the scalpel. The tests. The experiments. The fucking labs and the masked faces talking about him as if he was some mindless animal. Alec thrust his will outwards in a reckless explosion of power, his mind careening towards his father and uncle where his hands and voice could not. But there was nothing, every path his demon blood provided had been severed at the root, the desperate pleas cut off in a suffocating dark that threatened to close his eyes.

“Sam cannot help you now, Alec,“ there was a brief sigh. “Neither can Dean.”

Bright slivers of fear, molten and white hot shot down his spine. “W-Who are you?” Alec gasped. “Who…who...are …”

“My name is Castiel.”

The word spiraled through Alec’s fading consciousness, another frantic effort to grip the car door amounting to nothing but a twitch in his fingers.

“Sleep now,” the man said. “Rest.”

Alec heard his own defiant groan as he became aware of the cold cracked leather beneath his cheek. “Don’t,” he breathed. “...don’t...” Angry tears spilled salty and hot over his lips.

“Sleep, Alec.”

The curt order churned through the air and he braced himself against the heaviness that settled over him like a wet wool blanket. He could not keep his eyes open any more than he could lift his limbs. All of the mornings and afternoons of Sam’s church service flooded back to him, along with his father’s strong suggestion that he consider prayer.

Sam, please, Alec whispered in his head. help please help I can’t not again I can’t please please hear me please please please I can’t I can’t I can’t please help me please help me-

“Enough,” Castiel said. “We have a long drive ahead of us.”

Alec felt his phone buzzing in his jacket pocket. It could be nobody but Dean. As he drifted away he thought about the young hooker, the dark parking lot and what his uncle might do once he realized that Alec had officially left the building. As his eyes blinked closed Alec thought he saw a strange shadow spreading over the front seat and spilling into the back.

It almost looked like the broad stretch of wings.

And with that, Alec slipped under for good.

Tags: dark angel multi-chapter, h/c, hurt!alec, hurt!dean, hurt!sam, spn multi-chapter, spn/da crossover, with a bang
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