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December 3rd, 2004

Kay, I WILL continue that Nigel fic but I had to get this out out while it was still hanging out in my head... Kit Fancy has a Man Servant, cuz, I dunno, he just does, and so, here he is in another quickie fic type thing.

(fer tammylee!!!!!11!! smoooo)

*awaits to be alerted for typos* LOL, my self edits suck.

The Kit Fancy Universe: Enter PenningtonCollapse )

part deux

I'm a writin' fool today what can I say...

Part Two of this Nigel/KF thing that EEEEEEEEEE luckykitty drew a PIC FOR!!!

Anywayz, feel the Nigel lurve.

And um, typos. eeeeeeeeee

AND! adaam just got his first commission completed by the one, the only tammylee, of the sexy Kit Fancy... BUT he's retarded and doesn't wanna see it till X-mas but he said I could post it for our general wackatude...It's located within. NICE JOB Tammy! *licks him*

Kit Fancy: Enter Nigel Watts part2Collapse )