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January 3rd, 2006


I Had The Most Awesome New Years Ever. Olga and Kir came Me-Side to hang out, jinkamoo cooked the most awesome garlic roasted chicken ever and candied yams. urdsama makes the best "Supernatural" chibis EVER. OHMYGOD...the cheer. The expensive vodka. The Dean.

Remember when yer were 14 years old and a new Duran album came out? It was maybe even better than that.Collapse )

I wrote a quickie version of what was on my mind after the "Skin" episode... Don't read if yer concerned about spoilers... It's based on the episode "Skin"... Did I mention it spoils? It is also rated R.

Supernatural fanficlet...yup...(shuddap)..Collapse )
It's snowing fat fancy flakes. :)