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March 9th, 2007

SPN Fic: Detour 4/?

Well this is a lesson in never say never, here we are literally way over a year of its start (be easy on me, I started writing this a Jan ago during the Season Greetings Marathon, remember that shit!?) before we knew Sam's supha powers and if there was any yellow-eyed demon, buttttttttttttttttt, Jink and I looked over it and it seemed worth saving so here ya go..... Wanna catch up?
Part 1 -2 -3 of Detour are here.

Title: Detour part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - On Hiatus
Author: Mink & Jink
Rating: PG - Gen
Spoilers: None to General
Disclaimers: SPN & characters are owned by their various creators.

Detour: part 4Collapse )