May 28th, 2011

merry dean-mus

*Notice* Okay dudes, this is the thing...

I never ever EVER use this LJ as anything for fic but here's the exception... I have a lot of fic. AND I also have about three days of goddamn driving time across the friggin country with nothing but my head and a lot more fic to figure while I watch the road. Yes, I'm helping a moving situation. Trucks. Boxes. Horror. Maybe some righteous NPR.


I was actually bidding on e-bay for over a year on a missile silo in Wyoming. They're like inverted sky scrapers (CREEPY) down into the the ground where you can build your bunker to protect yourself against the imminent zombie apocalypse. I did not win my bid war but it was worth trying. However, this new above ground location out west I'm being dragged to is (meh) the next best thing.

That being said, I am working on the winchester words. And miles. And about another billion fucking things. Be back soon. ♥ And drink lemonade in the sun... it just makes you smile.

Our sex is on fire!

Our sex is also animated.

But it never gets old...

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