Mink (minkmix) wrote,

Dark Angel Fic: Deleted Scene- Heat

Heat... The DVD- With deleted scenes with directors commentary! SO, what really happened while Logan was on his way over to Alec's place...?

Title: Deleted Scene: (Heat part 1)
Author: Mink
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Max/Alec
Spoilers: General
Disclaimers: DA & characters are owned by their various creators.

Alec tried not to fight her when he saw her reappear with the extension cords. She looked at him carefully as she approached. Assessing his state. Cautious and wary.

He was hoping that maybe she'd just leave as quietly as she had come. No such luck.

Her scent was flowing over him like heavy perfume. Alec could also smell her nervous tension, small beads of sweat on her forehead and upper lip glittered weakly in the half light. The plastic cords cinched tight around his wrists, hissing through the sturdy pipes on the wall as she efficiency and tightly secured them. Every trait he owned screamed to not allow himself to be restrained but he knew it had to be done as well as she did.

It sickened him how much he had been reduced to the basest form of animal.

"A week?" She asked softly.

Even now he was surprised to hear the sound of compassion in her voice.

He nodded, feeling his lower jaw tremble as he tried to calm his breathing.

Max paused in her work, her hair hanging down and whispering madly against the flesh of his chest and neck. She took a deep breath, inhaling him back. He wondered what his own scent was like. Did it almost taste good when he hit her senses? Burnt sugar and a sweet damp heat. Warm salt of moist skin of the hollow of his neck. The soft and the hard, the tense and sensitive flesh that wouldn't stop throbbing between his legs. His eyes fluttered shut at the feel of the fabric of his sweatpants that clung to his perspiring body.

"I know.. I know it hurts..." Max mumbled so quietly that Alec almost didn't hear it.

It was a form of pain. Madness. A desperation that cut so deep that you felt like you were losing your mind piece by piece. Reduced to some pitiful animal that Manticore had stashed up and down his very DNA.

"But like this... you'll hurt someone Alec."

He didn't answer. He knew well enough of the truth in that. If he had even been offered what he needed he'd lose the few remaining scraps of self control he had left. His humanity was teetering on the brink of remained of his sheer will power.

She lay her warm hand on his heaving chest.

The simple physical contact made him moan, his heart beating even faster. "Don't-Don't..." The pipes creaked over him as he tried to twist away from the flare of her touch.

Max sighed and stood.

Alec started at the feel of her hands. She tugged his sweat pants down his thighs, her hands strangely delicate with him, pushing them down to his knees and leaving them there. His already flushed face burned hotter with his confusion and shame that Max was witnessing not his nudity, but his desperation.

"M-Max what are you- what are you doing.." He weakly drew his knees up in some semblance of dazed self consciousness.

"Just shut up Alec." She moved fluidly in the darkness.

Alec froze, his eyes wide in the dim of his room. "Max.."

She straddled him, her bare flesh resting on his hips, her hands firm on his shoulders. Alec stared up at her in disbelief, tears of his humiliation leaking from the corners of his eyes. Leaning forward, her hair hung down into his face and blinded him to it all. He was glad for that. He didn't want to watch her perform this act of mercy, his own flesh reacting instantly against his will and control. With a small intake of breath, her body took him in, impossibly hot, tight with sweet pain, just as her mouth closed on his, her tongue moving as slow as her hips.

Her gentleness stilled him and made him whimper into her mouth.

Alec met her movements, beginning to move under her with a violence that forced her to move her hands to the wall above his head instead to brace herself. She gasped over him when he shifted slightly, sending her practically on her knees, leaning forward to let him go as hard and deep as he wanted. He groaned as she touched him gently even now, grazing a thumb across his lower lip, her hand holding his face to tell him it was ok. It was ok. He couldn't hurt her. Not her. Not someone just like him. The metal that he was lashed to groaned and shifted from where it was bolted to the wall.

Lost under the damp hot curtain of her hair, Alec vaguely wondered who had been making so much noise and he realized it was himself, muffled by Max's mouth on his. Her hands tightening painfully on his shoulders, her fingernails digging in his flesh. It was as if she was letting him flow into her in every way, taking up his anguish and keeping it. His vision went white when he abruptly came, Max shuddering on top of him as she continued to move on his body even after he had frozen still.

Panting and damp with sweat, Alec heard for the first time in days, the noise in his head start recede. Almost calm. He knew it wouldn't last. But for now, the pain had subsided and drew back. He could breathe. He could think. While he felt momentarily sated, a surge of ferocious protectiveness startled him. Yet another charming effect of the beasts that he was made up of. Alec ruefully twisted his wrists in his binds, slick with sweat. He suddenly wanted to hold her close to him, as hard as he could. He wanted to touch her face as she had to him. He wanted to say one hundred stupid things. The urge welled and passed, his blood flowing and he came back to rational thought, his own mind resurfacing with the knowledge that it was all ludicrous. Every single bit of it.

Max's weight shifted on top of him and her warmth was regrettably and suddenly gone.
A shadow in the dim room, the slide and zip of clothing as she replaced it. They both turned their heads when their transgenic ears heard the distant elevator rattle open.


She pulled his sweat pants back up around his hips. His shame flooded back. He wanted to sink into the mattress and vanish. He couldn't look her the eye.

"M-Max-?" Alec stammered, still breathless. "I-I..I don't-"

"It's between us Alec."

She closed the door behind her.

Tags: da nc-17, dark angel one shot, h/c, heat, hurt!alec, max & alec
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