Mink (minkmix) wrote,

Dark Angel Ficlet: Best Things in Life Are Almost Free

Title: The Best Things in Life Are Almost Free
Author: Mink
Rating: PG - Gen
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Disclaimers: DA & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: The world is an unexplored place. Especially if yer an X5.

For my mewy pal...

(you know who you are)

"What are you doing?"

Max swung the freezer door shut. "Nothin'." She wondered when exactly it would become intolerable to continue answering Alec's never ending stream of rhetorical questions.

Alec sat fighting to look comfortably stoic at the clean and tidy table island that sat fashionably in Logan's kitchen. He had taken his jacket off and put it back on several times. He'd wandered the expanse of the sprawling apartment's rooms with a curious form of appreciation and complete lack of the understanding of privacy. He had paced by the large expanses of window that lent quite a view of the city's dull stormy sparkle.

If you were into things like views.

Considering all and everything she and the other X5 had seen and done, a city behind glass wasn't exactly something that could hold you in thrall. Alec was doing what he did best, assuming a human stance as if everything he was doing for the first time, was something he done all his life. It helped you fit in. It helped you look normal. It was a tool.

"Maybe you should just hit me on my cell when Logan gets back--"

"What's yer hurry?" Max asked idly, putting down a container on the counter and searching a drawer. "You have somewhere better to be?"

Alec paused, his hand behind his head. Max could almost see the network of excuses, ideas and bullshit stream right over him like a cartoon. Sure, Logan was the only one that could access the police mainframe and might take hours to get back from the station but it was raining outside. One of those cold steady rainy nights that seeped right down into your bones even if you burned hotter than you ought to. It was a miserable night for wandering and she was fairly certain even if he didn't admit it, he had no where to go. Alec was less than a month out of Manticore and she could see it in his eyes that he was feeling it hard.

No love lost of course but its hard to shake that fucking certainty when it was all you had in your life. Your orders. Your orders. Your goddamn fucking orders. Hate them all you want, fight it even harder and curse the men that lay down that nightmare's foundation... But she had to admit, even after ten years it was a tough mindset to cut no matter how much you tried.

"I guess not." Was the surprise of an answer. "I guess I can wait."

"Here." Max slid a bowl onto the table in front of him.

Alec glanced down at its lumpy soupy contents. "I'm not hungry."

She heard it then almost clear as she could see the stark cold cinder block halls of Manticore. The practicality just underneath. The solider that couldn't shut off.

"Just try it." She said, handing him a spoon.

With a sigh, he took it.

Max excitedly pulled her own bowl closer to her as she seated herself.

"What-what is this?" Alec was looking up at her with pure astonishment, his words muffled by the spoon still in his mouth.

She waited until her own spoonful melted sweetly and perfectly in her mouth before she answered.

"Strawberry cheesecake ice-cream."

Alec's eyebrows raised, his spoon dipping hurriedly back into his bowl.

Max concentrated on her next sublime mouthful. Logan always got the good stuff.

"Is there any more?" Alec asked softly and sheepishly, his bowl empty.

Max slid the carton towards him and smiled around her spoon.

"Wait until you try--" Max's chest hitched in a laugh. "Well, everything."

Alec, eating right out of the carton, smiled his first real smile back.

"Everything?" He laughed a little, his eyes losing the solider and gaining the boy. "It's my favorite."
Tags: da gen, dark angel one shot, max & alec
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