Mink (minkmix) wrote,

SPN Fic: Shore Leave

Title: Shore Leave
Author: Mink
Rating: PG - Gen
Spoilers: None
Disclaimers: SPN & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Some extra cash and extra time = Rest & Relaxation. (Even if that means a little breaking and entering into a nice house with a pool.)

"You went a little crazy in there don't you think?"

Dean shrugged, checking his rearview before pulling out into traffic. "That credit card expires in two days, might as well use it."

"What the hell are we going to do with live lobsters?"

"I thought we'd name them and take them for walks."

Sam shook his head and sat back in his seat. He highly doubted the next motel kitchenette was going to have a 5 gallon lobster pot and a charcoal grill.

He gazed out the window at the fine line of the horizon. Almost dark. He remembered looking out at this very same town as kid, only from the back seat. It used to be nothing but miles and miles of open land dotted by that nasty looking scrub brush and stunted prairie pine. Now it was one housing development and stripmall after another. For no reason he could figure, the sight of the changed landscape made him homesick for the emptiness that had been there before.

Vast and rolling. Unpopulated and quiet.

Lost in thought, he hadn't been paying attention to Dean's driving. He glanced up as they passed under an exit ramp sign that would have set them right back onto the highway.

"Where we going?"

"Not sure yet." Dean answered enigmatically.

Sam watched him turn the steering wheel, sending them off the main cluttered thoroughfare of the town and into the peripheral fringe of its row after row of identical residences.

"That one." Dean nodded, pointing a finger at an extremely large house that sat at the end of a darkened cul-de-sac.

"What about it?"

Sam took in the ridiculously huge cookie cutter house, a classic Midwest monstrosity of a Mac-Mansion. The sod looked almost newly laid down and smooth gray cement of the driveway didn't even have a single oil stain.

"Yer not looking close enough." Dean grinned, putting the car in park and reaching past him to get into the glove compartment.

Sam looked back towards the house that sat by itself at the end of the street. It was about several normal distances away from every other house on the road. Reconsidering, he looked past the vinyl siding and corny custom barn like mailbox. Finally he did see what had caused Dean to stop here in the first place.

A weeks worth of newspapers were piled haphazardly by the front door. Even from here he knew the small tell tale signs of left FedEx notices that dotted the front door. Although two upstairs lights were on in both bedroom windows, the only other light was the lantern at the end of the driveway.

Classic timer lighting.

No one was home. In fact, no had been home in quite a while.

Dean unrolled his leather lock pick case.

"You've got to be kidding me." Sam mumbled.

"I bet they have a pool." Dean beamed.

It didn't take much to disable the surprisingly cheap security system or simply push the heavy glass sliding door off its tracks to gain entry. They didn't even have to break one tiny window latch.

It made Sam feel slightly less guilty but not completely.

But Dean was right. The house did have a pool. And a pool table. And a plasma TV the size of a movie screen.

He stood in some stranger's weirdly meticulously clean kitchen while Dean stashed the Impala in the 4 car garage that had no cars in it. Curious despite himself, he looked into the refrigerator and saw it contained all but one item. He smiled to himself. Dean sure knew how to pick them all right.

His brother came in through the garage door with a heavy load of groceries in his arms. "Honnnnney, I'm home."

Sam swung the fridge door open so his brother could take a look inside.

Dean's eyes widened and he broke out in the largest smile Sam had seen in quite a while.

Sam pulled two cold bottles of beer out of the full case. Sure, they weren't theirs. Sure the house didn't belong to them. In fact, they should be arrested and put away. But tonight, he wanted to just hang out in an honest to God house and eat some food they cooked themselves.

"Start that grill Sam, it's time to walk those lobsters."

Sam smiled back.

The pool lights clicked on, casting the glow of wavering blue shadows and startling them both from their food comas. Another timer to fool the big bad world away from an unguarded mundane fortress. Sam was sprawled in a deck chair alongside a hammock Dean had found and claimed. There was a bucket of ice and beer between them. The stars were out. The moon was full.

"Hey, check it out." Dean said.

Sam looked towards where Dean was pointing. Unnoticed earlier with the presence of mind not to light up the back deck while they boiled shellfish and seared steak, the pool had an addition at the very end of it. A large and palely lit Jacuzzi.

Dean stretched and swung his legs out of the hammock. "Sweet. Let's start that thing up." He already had tossed his shirt aside and was kicking off his boots.

"I forgot my bathing suit." Sam said watching Dean fiddle with the thermostat controls artfully camouflaged by shrubbery. The sudden hiss and roiling sound of the water jets hummed in the cooling night air.

"Oh come on." Dean rolled his eyes and lost his jeans along with everything under them. "I used give you baths and scrub your ass."

"I really wish you wouldn't keep reminding me of that."

"It's a beautiful memory what can I say." Dean laughed as he tested the water with one leg before he submerged up to his chin. "Oh yeah, this thing heats up quick..."

Sam looked around worriedly.

Dean shrugged. "Fine be that way, you're the one missing out."

Sam huffed. "You think I give a shit about you? I give a shit about some neighbor with a telescope and a webcam."

Dean snorted. "Don't flatter yourself."

With one last cursory look around, Sam sighed and started to shrug off his shirt and unbuckle his belt.

"Hey, did I ever tell you about that chick down in Sarasota that had that hot tub?" Dean asked.

Sam laughed under his breath and stepped down into the hot bubbling water. He settled down into the carved stone seat and in almost an instant, he felt the sharp pain that existed almost permanently between his shoulder blades start to vanish. In fact, aches he didn't even realize he had begun to fade all over his body. He thought of the motel they should be in right at this moment. The trickle of a lukewarm shower and the paper thin walls. He thought of large beige flowers on faded quilts and the glare of orange sodium street lights that the curtains never seemed able to keep out.

He tipped the cold bottle of beer back to his lips and leaned his head back into the soft night breeze.

"The chick who worked that yoga class? Rolling Stones tattoo?" Dean impatiently prompted.

Sam had heard the story all right. At least 100 times.

"Well, she had these two roommates right, no wait, one was her sister...TWIN sister..." His brother went on.

Sam let him.

Tags: gen, sam pov, spn one shot
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