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SPN Fic: Altitude

Another request...

Title: Altitude
Author: Mink
Rating: PG - Gen
Spoilers: None
Disclaimers: SPN & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: The boys sneak to the top of one of the tallest buildings in the world for a very special mission.

As many places as their work took them, they didn't get to many places like this.

Sam paused on the sidewalk and indulged himself in leaning back and staring straight up. It was a tourist type thing to do but he didn't care. People bumped into him as he had chosen to stop right in the middle of the sidewalk. Being down town at night in the city that invented the skyscraper was incredibly humbling. In a completely inorganic opposition and remote to nature kind of way. This view was all man made.

The towers of buildings that loomed up and up and over them, their countless windows dotted with left on office lights and their facades artfully glowing under colored upcast flood lights. It was like walking among the modern day giants of construction that were at one time only built to such scale to honor heaven.

Maybe even challenge it.

The air was at some strange state that was almost like body temperature. Laced with engine exhaust and mixed with the dull roar of the sum of a city's white noise. It was so neutral to his skin and senses that under the soft blue haze of the lit city, it was almost dream like.

Dean had backtracked when he had realized Sam was no longer walking behind him.

"What, you see somethin'?"

"No." Sam shook his head. "Sorry."

It was an interesting city as far as what he could see having only spent three days in it. Instead of an ocean, it sprawled next to a lake that might as well have been one. Instead of a statue out in its bay it had an enormous fountain and a strip of road aptly named the Magnificent Mile. It had been nice to leave the car behind and walk everywhere and anywhere. After picking just the right car garage that Dean felt comfortable with anyway. Sam was half inclined to agree with the more than mild paranoia. His ingrained country sense aside, leaving a car filled with guns anywhere with a maybe curious young attendant with a set of your keys was never a soothing thought. But, after the first day, even his brother had begrudgingly admitted that it was nice to stretch their legs for a change.

The fact that you couldn't spit without hitting a coffee place didn't hurt either.

"Come on, just a couple more blocks to go." Dean prompted.

Sam followed him, amused by the succession of street musicians everyone else seemed to just walk right past. He was slightly surprised when Dean paused at one briefly and dropped a dollar bill into the open guitar case.

He shrugged when he saw Sam looking at him. "I like that song."

They continued to make their way through the business district, and like most in any metropolis, it got to be almost like a ghost town after the work whistle blew. But not completely. Sam liked walking down the sidewalk along with the sparse crowd that still lingered for whatever reason. Evening working hours. The late night restaurants. Maybe a club or theater. Anyone who saw him would think maybe that he might even lived and worked here just like them. Well, maybe not right around here. Not too many residences around this part of town that a guy like him looked like he could afford. It was mostly banks. Mammoth corporations. Stone government facilities. Endless shut up and dark trendy overpriced sandwich shops.

When they reached their destination they gave a small nod to each other.

It was easy enough to walk right into the expansive building lobby. It was one of the very few buildings downtown that wasn't a hotel and still kept its doors open all hours. A nightshift desk person didn't even look up at them as they passed on their way to the nearest bank of multiple elevators.

"No, no, over here, that one." Dean gestured to a particular set of doors situated far down the row, set off from the rest. "It will go all the way."

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Sam asked as they waited for the chime and light.

"It's gotta be done." Dean shrugged. "Who knows when we'll be around here again?"

They swiftly got in when the doors opened. It was a large elevator, the type to transport literally hundreds of people an hour as efficiently as possible. Sam looked up briefly at the security camera in the corner before causally slipping out the blade he had concealed up his sleeve. It was quickly disarmed with a slide of the thin small weapon up under and into its wiring.

Dean was already at the elevator panel of buttons. Over one hundred floors to this place but this elevator only had a hand full. A hand full that all required a key.

His brother pulled out one of his more elaborate picks.

No problem.

The elevator started to move. An automated and pleasant female voice asked them to enjoy their visit and to please stop by the gift shop on their way out. The floor numbers began to zip by on the display overhead.

"You know this elevator makes it to the top in just under 45 seconds?" Sam pointed out.

Dean looked up and over at him mild offense. "This place is almost freakin' 1,500 feet high."

Sam grinned. "Still sure you wanna do this?"

His older brother swallowed, looking around as if the walls might turn translucent and he could see the earth fall out from under them as they zoomed away from the ground below. They were rocketing up the core of the tallest building in the country like Willy Wonka in that crazy glass ride.

"Got to." Dean responded solemnly.

Sam worked his jaw when he suddenly felt his ears pop as they swiftly changed their literal altitude. Then just like that, faster than it seemed it could be possible, they were there. The dark and closed viewing deck was quiet and empty. They slipped through it quickly, rounding the corner towards the soft red light of an exit sign. A few flights of stairs leading up and it was just several more locked doors that they made short work of.

When the final one slammed open, they had to brace themselves before stepping over its threshold.

"Whoa." Sam said, his sentiment eaten by the strong wind that almost sucked the air right out of his lungs. It was like being in a dark cold wind tunnel.

Dean saw the futility of trying to converse and smacked Sam hard on his shoulder, a great big smile on his face as he pointed out towards where he thought they should head.

At first Sam was half blinded by the wind and discouraged by the seemingly never-ending forest of towering white antenna that continued for another hundred feet above them. Massive enough to be structures of their own, Sam felt displaced and unsure if they had even arrived to where they had intended. It wasn't until they made their way further from the service entrance that they finally broke through the tangle of technology.

The city was suddenly and instantly revealed.

His breath caught in his throat as he realized he could see not just the city but everything that lay around it on the plains in every direction. He could see the dark expanse of the great lake, and the shine and glitter of every living soul gathered tightly at its edge. He could see both airports with their flashing green beacons calling silently out into the dark. He could see the ghostly shimmer of landing lights of airplanes, all lined up across the sky like wavering stars waiting to come home.

It took a moment to realize they were standing at the same height that the passenger jets flew.

Dean clapped him hard again in the arm to get his attention.

His brother was holding up the reason they had come here in the first place.

A penny.

It was now so apparently ludicrous that Sam tipped his head back and just laughed. Dean didn't take long to give in and join him, shaking his head and rubbing at his eyes as they watered in the wind. Sam felt it flow out of him breathlessly, the sound of it carried away and out into the sky. Maybe it would carry right over the lake and even further than its other shore.

Wherever it was headed, he was glad it was right here for the moment, all the way up right here with them on top of the world.

Tags: favorites, gen, sam pov, spn one shot
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