Mink (minkmix) wrote,

SPN Fic: Growing Pains

Title: Growing Pains
Author: Mink
Rating: PG - teen!Chesters - Gen
Spoilers: None
Disclaimers: SPN & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Dean gets caught with the local sheriff's daughter and John has to go bail him out...

John knew his boy frequently experienced a curfew schedule that most kids his age did not.

Actually John wasn't quite sure what seventeen year olds these days were expected or required to do by their 9 to 5 dual parental units. Frankly he didn't care. All he knew is that he didn't want to be a grandfather anytime soon. And for all he knew he was already a grandfather in just about every state they'd stopped in since his oldest hit his teens.

But probably not. John had given himself a near heart attack when he accidentally tipped out a box of condoms from his son's bag just a few months back. It wasn't the sight of the condoms so much as he had done it right in front of Sammy. Sammy who only shrugged and said: At least he won't get an STD.

When a thirteen year old kid can objectively point out the benefits of a prophylactic you had to start thinking about how they weren't quite little kids anymore. John was saving the real mental melt down for the day when he found that his not so baby boy had latex hidden away in his bag. With a sigh John just figured he should count his blessings that they both at least seemed to like girls.

He sighed again when he walked into the gas station's small interior that doubled as a bait and tackle counter for the nearby local lake.

Glancing over his shoulder, he checked to see if Dean was still carefully squeegeeing off two days of dust off the windows. Maybe he wouldn't even come in here. Maybe he'd never even know that this girl existed in the small town that they'd be calling home for almost two weeks. Because this girl working the register was nothing but trouble.

He wondered if all parents did that. Assigned the stamp of trouble on the other child instead of their own. John had to admit though, Dean didn't seem to get a lot of arguments from the opposite sex. And he'd been a teen once himself. He knew for the male of the species that it was all pure opportunistic chances that were easily warded off by the unwilling and uninterested.

And this type of girl, all country grown and bikini tan lines crisscrossing her shoulders was precisely why Dean was required to be home at a very unreasonable hour every night. Especially in a tiny little town like this one. Not that it made much difference. John wasn't stupid and he knew what kind of hoops and angles two teenagers would and could go through for some time alone. He considered the curfew and its restrictions as just running some interference. If Dean was wandering across the countryside tomcatting from coast to coast John was going to make damn sure that his son was enjoying himself as little as possible. He pinched the bridge of his nose and fought back the headache that wanted to start. When the hell had he gotten old enough to start using the term 'tomcatting' anyway?

John slid the money across the counter and tried to smile at the young lady who smiled back, glancing sideways out the window towards the car.

"Stayin' for some fishin'?" She asked.

"Sure are." He half lied. "Rented a cabin down on the water."

John studied her second casual look that was focused all on his son as he swung the passenger door shut and settled into the seat.

"My daddy is the sheriff." She told him. "I could get you a fishing license real quick!"

Yup. Nothing but trouble.

John was surprised it took an entire week.

But when the magic hour came and went and no Dean appeared in the doorway he had a pretty good idea of just exactly why. His eldest didn't often miss a curfew and if he did, he showed up at best, a few minutes late. Therefore when John checked his watch and took a look out the door and hadn't spotted anyone making their way furtively along the dirt roads back home, he pretty much could piece together just exactly what happened.

And it had everything to do with a small town law man, his only daughter and possibly a loaded shotgun. He tipped back his beer bottle and considered the options of the situation.

"She lives right across the lake from here." Sammy muttered into the newspaper he was flipping through all spread out on the floor. "They have a boat."

His younger son apparently knew why Dean was a no show too. As much interference John ran on his kids they sure as hell knew how to run it right back at him. But it looked like Sammy's allegiances had shifted tonight for no reason John could make out. Maybe Sammy knew as well as John did just exactly what an outraged armed father was capable of.

John finished what was left of his beer and ordered him to the car.

The house was right where Sammy said it was, easily identifiable by the mud splattered old police cruiser parked out front next to an even more ancient pick up truck.

John stood on the bug light lit porch and shifted his weight when someone finally came to the screen door he'd knocked on. As he had predicted, there was a rifle over one shoulder of the man who appeared.

"Lemme guess." The tall sheriff said in that tone that cops owned in or out of uniform. "You lookin' for your boy?"

John glanced behind him and saw Ms. Bait & Tackle hovering in a nearby doorway with puffy eyes and a tear soaked face.

"Just gonna collect 'em." He tried to sound as offhanded as he could. "I wouldn't mind putting a rifle to him myself." That was at least true.

The law man looked John up and down a few times before he begrudgingly nodded with a small smile. "Was just gonna leave 'em there overnight. Give him a scare."

"Leave him where?"

"Shed." His small smile turned into a full grin. "Out back. Got chickens in it and a rooster that don't like company."

John couldn't help but grin back. "Kids huh?"

"Yeah." The man sighed and looked back at his sniffling daughter. "Kids."

John got back into the car with the grin still intact on his face.

The clean green smell of the water made him think about maybe using those fishing poles he'd brought as a cover for their presence there. They could get up real early and he could show Sam how to cast a line. Catch their own dinner and teach his little boy the correct way to scale and gut a trout. Things all little kids liked to do before they got all grown up.

Sammy looked around from his rare and privileged spot in the front passenger seat.

"Where's Dean?"

John put the car into gear and turned back along the unpaved road that ran around the night time glitter of the moon cast lake.

"We'll pick him up tomorrow."

Tags: gen, john pov, spn one shot, teen!chesters
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