Mink (minkmix) wrote,

SPN Ficlet: Steeped

102 fics & ficlets since June! Whoo! Not including chapters.. so in honor of this day, I give to you, high tea...

Title: Steeped
Author: Mink
Rating: PG - Gen - Humor
Spoilers: General (for aired episodes only)
Disclaimers: SPN & characters are owned by their various creators.
Summary: Dean drinks tea.

"I'd like some tea please."

Sam looked at his brother dubiously over his menu.

The waitress jerked her pen over shoulder. "We've got about ten different herbal teas and reg--"

"Gimme one of those herb teas." Dean smiled.

"Which one?"

"Shock me."

Sam ordered eggs scrambled, bacon crispy and a side of corn beef hash. The last was at his own peril of Dean inevitably remarking that the hash looked and smelled like dog food. Sam often wondered if they ever had had to resort to eating pet food and just couldn't remember.

"What's with the tea?" He was forced to ask as he sipped black coffee.

"What?" Dean demanded as he leaned back and chewed at a straw. "I can't enjoy a nice cup of tea once in a while?"

"No, not really." Sam mumbled into his mug.

The waitress returned with small metal tea pot already brewing several tea bags. She poured the vaguely purple liquid into Dean's coffee cup. "You ready to order now honey?"

Dean turned his mug in several directions, distracted by the fruity smell. "Uh yeah, I'll have what he's having minus the dog food. Make mine with a side of hash browns."

She smiled at him ruefully and swept herself away to her next table.

Dean flicked at the label that hung from the small tea pot. "Wild Mountain Elder Berry Twist?"

"Sounds delightful." Sam said.

Dean took a small experimental sip.

Sam waited for the tirade. He waited for the lengthy simmering speech about the superiority of the noble coffee bean to the weak and sissy tea leave. In fact, Sam wouldn't be surprised if his brother dragged all of China and maybe India into it too.

"Well?" Sam prompted when Dean still hadn't begun.

"I'm not sure what an old mountain berry is but I think they twisted the dude too hard."

Sam knew the offer would come next, to share this gross wondrous thing Dean had discovered. He knew it as surely as he knew Dean's fork would be in his corn beef hash, eating half of it all the while claiming its doggy origins.

"Taste this!" Dean held up his ill begotten tea.

Sam took it dutifully, inhaling what smelled like a florists gone wrong and hesitantly tasting what seemed like all the tea bags of the world steeped overnight in lukewarm dishwater. Japanese expert in tea ceremony their waitress was not. At least his black sludge coffee was so overpowering that the dishwater was inconsequential.

Dean observed the look on his face.

"See? It's totally not delightful."

Sam spit his mouth full back into Dean's cup.


"Sorry." Sam gulped down some coffee to get rid of the sickening tang of one thousand elder berries from the back of his tongue.

Dean took back his mug defensively and looked into it forlornly.

"Here." Sam slid his own mug at him.

His brother gratefully took a long gulp of the stuff.

"Mam?" Sam waved down their waitress. "Can we get some more coffee?"

"I tried." Dean said solemnly.

"I know." Sam assured him.

Tags: favorites, gen, sam pov, spn ficlet, spn humor
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