Mink (minkmix) wrote,

SPN Fic: Spree

Title: Spree
Author: Mink
Rating: PG - Gen - wee!chesters (Thanks Tammy!)
Spoilers: None
Disclaimers: SPN & characters are owned by their various creators.
Some fan art: Gots Puppies! by Urdsama
Summary: Dean has to perform the unfortunate task of taking Sammy clothes shopping.

Now that Dean was pushing the One-Zero, as his Dad like to put it, he found himself with brand new duties almost everyday.

Besides his usual tasks he was sent out into the adult world much more often. For coffee. For food. For mail. He was pretty sure if he could work the car's pedals and see over the wheel he'd be filling her up for the old man too.

But this morning was a little different. He had just finished his cheerios and had washed and stacked his bowl away when he father appeared from the adjacent bedroom of the small cramped and very temporary apartment.

"Look at you."

Dean looked at himself. He was wearing his favorite but very faded Little Feat concert T-shirt, holes in each shoulder seam but hey, it fit, unlike most of his other shirts. His jeans were ripped at both knees and a pocket was hanging off.

His father reached into the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out his wallet." Here's twenty, take your brother down to that second hand store at the corner and buy some new clothes."

Ugh. Clothes shopping. At least their Dad didn't seem like he was coming along. That just made it worse. Dean took the twenty and put it carefully in the front pocket of his own jeans.

"If they ask," his father poured himself some coffee. "Just tell them I'm in the hardware store next door."

Dean nodded and turned to unglue Sammy from the television.

"Oh and Dean?" His father stopped him.

Dean halted and waited.

"Don't let what happened last time, got it?"

"Yes sir."

Dean grabbed his brother without much explanation and checked for his keys before tying Sammy's shoelaces and summarily dragging him out the front door. Last time hadn't been much fun, but Dean was almost ten now.

He could handle it.

"No way Sammy, that's a DRESS."

"I likes it! It gots puppies on it!"

While Dean had been wrestling in the changing room with a new pair of jeans Sam had been doing his own shopping. A light yellow summer dress. Pulled right over his power ranger sweat shirt and dirty denim overalls.

"See?" Sam showed him, pointing and counting to one, two, three puppies in all that were across his chest. "Puppies!"

The woman behind the counter held up her hand as if they were all in a class room. "In England they call them frocks."

Slightly confused, Dean tried to ignore her.

"Take it off."


"Take it off!"


"Take it off!!"




When Sammy did the rapid repeat fire no's then Dean knew he was in big trouble.

"Now, now, you look lovely in that!" The saleslady helpfully offered.

"I know!" Sam beamed.

The lady continued her UN mission. "Why don't you just go ahead and let her have it? She looks just adorable."

"She sure does." Dean muttered.

He supposed he could just go ahead and rip the thing off but that would lead to a struggle and maybe some property damage. He eyed Sam smiling happily in the old three paneled mirror. He didn't want to call any more attention to them than they already had.

He put the jeans and some other things he'd found on the counter and solemnly laid the twenty down.

"Is that enough?"

"It's enough so there's some left over to take your little sister to go get some ice cream!" She winked.

"Great." Dean said weakly as he collected the change.

Dad was going to kill him.

The scene at home was predictable.

If Sammy wasn't going to listen to Dean he sure as hell wasn't going to listen to Dad.







The last was accompanied by a roll and screaming fit on the kitchen floor that Dean had to give some credit to his small brother for. He really didn't want to take off that freaking dress.


Oh no. But he had spent the entire walk home prepared with what to say as Sammy followed behind him getting ice cream all over the puppies on front of his new clothes.

"I was in the back sir, I didn't know--"


Dean stopped and fiddled with his hands behind his back.

"I'm going to eat in it and play in it and watch TV in it and SLEEP IN IT AND GO TO SCHOOL IN IT." Sam told them staunchly and somewhat smugly from the floor.

"You got it buddy." Their father smiled.

Dean looked uncomfortably between them both. Go to school in it? The other kids would -- Oh.

He looked back up at his father and shared a smile.

"Any change?"

"W-Was none." Dean lied.

He watched his father take a look at the chocolate ice cream stains that were almost all over Sammy.

"Toss him and his dress in the bath would ya?" He stood and stretched. "I'll be out for a while."

"Yes, sir."

"And Dean?"

He waited for the hammer to fall but it didn't.

"Next time, I'll come along with ya."

Some fan art:
Gots Puppies! by Urdsama
Tags: art, dean pov, gen, spn ficlet, wee!chesters
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